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Lessons From the Coronavirus Pandemic So Far

novel coronavirus
novel coronavirus

The CoronaVirus pandemic is still making its way around the world and delivering lessons to mankind. There are lessons already taught and many more to be taught.

So far we have learned or relearned these:

1. That there is only one world without our much touted boundaries. An event in China will have strong impact in Africa, Europe and everywhere despite our fortified boundaries.

2. That communist countries like China, Russia, North Korea, etc. can react to crises better than capitalist countries like USA, Italy, etc.

3. That small developed countries like S. Korea, Singapore will handle crises better than giants like, USA et al.

4. That a big powerful country like USA can be shuttered, no work, no schools, no shopping, nothing. Three months ago the unanimous belief was that such would be impossible.

5. That states are more likely to find solutions that the federal government and are more invested in the good of their people. That when the states start to lead, the federal government will follow.

6. That Africa can be lucky and that the sub-Saharan Africa may be luckier than the Africa that looks more European like South Africa and Egypt.

7. That political division can be cured by crises, see how quickly the senate passed the Corona Virus law passed by the House and how well Mr. Trump is paying attention to the Democrats.

8. That scientists can be as confused as we the ordinary people for example CDC guide line requires that one should not touch one’s face with his hands. If one already has the virus in his hands what is the sense in putting one’s hands in the pocket, no face cleaning, no wiping out one’s mouth, no putting on masks, etc.

9. Everyone is guilty of carrying the virus until proven innocent, hence social distancing and early shopping for the senior citizens.

10. (London School of Economics) Lord Keyes economics trumps “trickledown economics” proposed by such conservative economists as Friedman (University of Chicago).

To be continued…

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba
Boston, Massachusetts
March 20, 2020

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