Everybody dies so do friendships, relationships, marriages, faith etc. Sometimes we love to hold on things and refuse to let go even if it?s very glaring that they are dead. Why don?t you let go of the death and nurture something new to continue life?

Some couples even before saying ?I do? are in dead relationships, but still go through counselling and then marry with the flimsy excuse that they?ve sent out invitations and spent large sums of money.

If a situation arises whereby during courting, you find the relationship is dead (not troubled; dead), you?re better off stepping out than losing yourself. The invitation cards and monies spent won?t resurrect anything. The families you?d think you?re going to disappoint are not going to feel the heat, you?re and definitely you?re not marrying for your parents either.

In some instances, the couple have children (those of us in the West who do things backward, we have children before thinking of settling down); don?t hang in there for the children. It does more harm than good.

Children thrive and develop properly in a house full of love and life, not in death and storms. If you think people will stigmatise you, which some do anyway, focus on the kids and brush it off. The children matter most.

Other people also hang on to dead relationships because of the tremendous help they?ve received from a partner. Think about this for a second, how will you feel if somebody is with you or associating with you out of pity? Don?t be a charity, neither should you let somebody be one, be grateful for any help you?ve received and move on. Let your mind come into play, not your emotions.

Friends come and go. If a friendship dies, bury it! Don?t hang on to it. Life is a journey; it?s been structured in a way that you?ll have helpers along the way. Friends come along for a reason, if they don?t need your presence or you don?t need theirs, don?t drag it, end it!

Some people are hanging on to dead relationships which need to be buried, and they know very well the bond is broken. If you keep hanging, you?ll fall and lose yourself. It?s not easy to let go especially if you?re still interested, every partnership takes two people to form. If the other party is no longer interested, why bother. When something dies, it decomposes and becomes a health threat.

Moving on will serve as a catalyst for positive changes to your life. Use the opportunity to break out of the mould, re-invent and re-package yourself. Swim deep into the ocean for a new catch. If you don?t know how to swim like me, walk on dry land and you?ll still catch one, literally!

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