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Let’s Run To The Ghanaian IMF’s For Financial Help


Our country Ghana is on her kneel begging for financial support due to the fact that the Coronavirus is taking over everything including the country’s Finances.

In view of that, the Government has opened a trust fund for Covid-19 in order to solicit for fund to fight this serious pandemic.

A lot of Philanthropist and other individuals are donating money to help bring this agenda and dream of Government into a reality.

But the whole country had forgotten that there are some people that the Government can run to for Financial support. The most interestingly yet happy reason is the fact that, it is interest-free.

I have given them a special name which is “Ghanaian IMF’s”.

The name may sound funny though but that is the most deserving name I have given to them.

These Ghanaian IMF’s are the people who had obtained license from the Government of Ghana to operate as the way they do on TV and radio stations, if my conscience serves me right.

Who are these people I’m actually talking about? They are the people we see on some Television stations interrupting our important TV programs and disturbing our peace.

They promise people to send them money in order to get 1500%, some also claims to be giving out Lotto numbers, commanding monies to be falling from the sky like an ancestral Komfo Anokye.

Even though I haven’t received any testimony from someone I know personally, I still believe in it genuineness because these are the people seen all over the TV stations being interviewed by top Ghanaian Actors/Actresses and other top celebrities.

Since the National Communication Authorities and TV stations are allowing these to happen then their authenticity is very high. This is the time,Mr President to go to them for financial support.

The time has finally come for the Government and the whole country at large to have our share of the cake from these people giving out monies. This will be very good to the government, and the less privileged people in the country and besides this is also interest free. On the other hand,If they are not able to help us,then the government must take it from there.

This is the time for them to supply this country with more money because the IMF is charging us a lot of interest with other conditions.

This is the time for the Ghanaian IMF’s to prove to us that they are there to help Mother Ghana. God Bless Our Homeland Ghana And Make Our Nation Great And Strong

The writer (Justice Phinehas Gyesi) can be reached through his email on gyesijusticephinehas@gmail.com or call on 0546799899

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