Let’s Weave The New Ropes Where The Old Ones Left Off – Torgbui Honu

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A traditional medicine practitioner and spiritualist, Torgbui Honu II, has said that it is time Ghanaians and for that matter Africans go back to their roots and fetch what was left behind by their forefathers.

According to him, Africa has a rich culture and traditional values which could be harnessed in meaningful ways for the total socio-economic transformation of the continent. Torgbi Honu said these in an interview with News Ghana at Aflao.

The young traditionalist and spiritualist who is the founder and director of Mayork Spiritual and Herbal Centre at Aflao, famed for its efficacy in curing all kinds of physical and spiritual ailments, bemoaned the situation where the younger generation no longer take keen interest in the African cultural values and traditions, but rather clinch to western or foreign cultures to the detriment of the African culture.

“It saddens me to see the youth of today shying away from our cultural values and traditions – they prefer to adopt western cultures to the detriment of their own – what becomes of your culture if you ignore it and go for another man’s culture? It loses its value and cannot be of any benefit to you,” Torgbui Honu lamented.

He appealed to the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Creative Arts to allocate one special day as a holiday, to allow traditionalists demonstrate their beautiful cultures and traditions in Ghana, since the two other religions (Christianity and Islam) in Ghana, have been given enough days in the year to worship and adore their God, ignoring only the Traditional religion.

Torgbui Honu further appealed to the Ministry of Education and other relevant institutions to promote the Ghanaian and African culture and traditions, by reintroducing their study into the basic and second cycle education system “so that we can safeguard and inculcate the values that identify us as Ghanaians and Africans into the younger generation – it is time for a renaissance,” he stressed.

The young herbalist and spiritualist, popularly called “The Professor of Vodoursm” for his indepth knowledge of Ghanaian and African culture and traditions and their propagation to the world, called on Ghanaian and African leaders to see traditional leaders as integral stakeholders in the affairs of the continent and to “include them in decision making processes as a means of promoting our culture, heritage and traditions.”

He further advised the youth to embrace their culture and traditions and preach same to the world, using the various social media platforms available to them as a way of showcasing the rich culture of the great African continent instead of using such platforms for posting unnecessary pictures and videos that tend to promote social vices and moral decadence.

Torgbui Honu commended the Paramount Chief and President of the Aflao Traditional Council, Torgbiga Amenya Fiti V, for the inmense role he continues to play in promoting African traditional culture and traditions wherever he goes and called on other traditional leaders to emulate Torgbiga’s example.

Torgbui Honu is the proud proponent and convener of the “Agbafrick Cultural Festival,” an annual festival held every December at the Apekotuime park, Aflao to showcase and celebrate the rich Ghanaian and Ewe culture.

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