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16 October 2014

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

Assembly Chair of the African Union


Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Commission Chair of the African Union

[email protected]


Bethel Nnaemeka Amadi

Parliamentary President of the African Union

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Mr. Aziz, Ms. Zuma and Mr. Amadi,


Re: immediate cessation of covert depopulation measures


The 54 member states of the African Union are at the center of the world?s attention, which is not a good place to be.? The international community has engaged humanitarian, economic, political and military strategies to lift the continent out of poverty and give it a modicum of stability.


On the humanitarian front, the goal is to give the starving masses just enough to prevent the breakdown of social order and not enough to ensure the survival of everyone, which would only increase hunger and misery from year to year so long as Africans cannot feed themselves and are dependent on outside help.


On the economic front, the goal is to build and protect the infrastructure necessary to exploit the continent?s rich natural resources and make it an integral part of the global economy so Africans can prosper and take charge of their own future by creating and investing their own wealth in their own countries rather than having it stashed abroad in offshore banking centers by self-serving politicians and their cronies.


On the political front, the goal is to create the conditions necessary for democracy, any kind of democracy, however flawed, so long as it replaces authoritarianism and the corruption and nepotism and tribalism that characterize the African political landscape and so the institutions of democracy can flourish and evolve.


And on the military front, the goal is to stop the population from growing and to eliminate all religious and cultural objections to replacement level fertility, this being the fundamental precondition for progress on all other fronts.


In short, the international community wants Africa to catch up with the rest of the world: socially, economically, politically, and especially demographically, so the world no longer has to witness starving children, child warriors, never-ending atrocities, and fat cats spending the continent?s money on personal whims and on greener pastures without a thought to the consequences of their theft.

The effort to bring Africa up to global standards is orchestrated and coordinated by the UN and its agencies with support from western aid agencies and NGOs; direct investment from multinational corporations; loans and technical expertise from developed nations; military hardware and intelligence from NATO and its competitors, Russia and China; and political will from the United States and its allies.


The specific targets for every human development index are delineated by the Millennium Development Goals and are public knowledge.? What is neither stated nor known is the methodology employed to defuse Africa?s population explosion, which is the one goal on which all other MDGs depend, and is being pursued as a military operation with two fronts.


The first military front is sub-Saharan Africa, where population stabilization efforts have failed due to promiscuous sexual practices.? Having resisted any and all attempts to subject the African people to covert methods of depopulation, and due to the continent?s lack of water treatment infrastructure that would make possible mass chemical sterilization via fluoridated tap water, as in the developed world, Africa?s leaders are now being bypassed by the international community, which has decided to unleash a weaponized version of the Ebola virus and to let it spread until such time as all Africans of childbearing age accept to be immunized against Ebola with vaccines laced with long-lasting sterilizing agents or else die from Ebola.? If the fear factor, which is now being whipped to its maximum, does not work, the international community will institute martial law and quarantine the continent under the pretext of stopping the spread of the virus, which will be an effective method of economic blackmail, unless Africa?s leaders do not forcibly vaccinate their people.? And if that does not work either, they will simply spread the virus across the continent and let it kill as many people as necessary to stop population growth.


This was deemed necessary because conventional immunization programmes are aimed at combatting childhood diseases and injecting children with sterilizing agents before they reach their sexually active age under the pretext of combatting tetanus, polio or meningitis has resulted in death and crippling illness in too many cases to be able to cover up the failure and many Africans have, as a result, realized that the vaccines pushed by the UN and its western sponsors are meant primarily to sterilize them, which is why several medical teams have been murdered.


The second military front is Arab or North Africa, where population stabilization efforts have failed due to Islamic objections to any interference with the God-given right to procreate and where political instability threatens the world?s energy security.? To break the back of conservative Islamists who refuse to limit their societies to replacement level fertility and who stand in the way of democracy, the international community has decided to temporarily destabilize the region and use the pretext of fighting Islamic extremism and terrorism to accelerate the region?s history and bring its people up to modern and moderate ways of thinking and their nations to democratic governance.? ISIS was therefore created virtually overnight to take advantage of the ethnic divide between Arabs and Kurds and of the religious divide between Shias and Sunnis and thus turn the entire region into a war zone.? This, it is hoped, will get the Assad regime in Syria to crumble, will destroy the long-held dream of Arab unity under a modern caliphate before the Arabs get to even attempt it, will exhaust any and all conservative elements in society, and will defame Islamist political factions and thus prevent them from assuming political power in free elections, as has happened in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood.


These two military fronts ? the one in sub-Saharan Africa, where Ebola is the primary weapon, and the one in North Africa, where ISIS is the primary weapon ? that are meant to accomplish the geopolitical objectives I have described above, also fulfill another important strategic goal, namely stopping the exodus from Africa to Europe.??? The two military fronts have created two impenetrable cordons, the Ebola cordon and the ISIS cordon, that now seal the continent and prevent Africans from leaving it to seek refuge in Europe.? Europe can no longer accommodate the boatloads of desperate Africans that reach the shore of Italy, Spain and Greece and a way had to be found to stop the flow of immigration.


Because Africa has proven incapable of solving its own problems and has refused to participate in the depopulation and globalization axis around which the international system has revolved since 1945, the UN and its western sponsors have taken matters into their own hands before Africa?s problems flood over the continent?s borders and destabilize the hard-won peace and stability of Europe.


Given Africa?s high fertility rates and frightening population growth projections, which show that if the continent continues on its current path its population will triple in the next 40 years and there will be 2.7 billion Africans by 2050 compared to the one billion Africans today, one can understand why the international community is resorting to desperate solutions.

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While Africans in 1970 made up only a tenth of the world?s population, they make up a sixth of the world?s population today and at current growth rates they will make up a quarter of the global population by 2050.? The world can hardly cope with Africa?s problems today, how will it cope with Africa?s problems over the next four decades if Africa does not change its ways and its problems keep spilling over the continent?s borders?

It is these frightening prospects and the failure of Africa?s politicians that have forced the international community to commit genocide.? But we can stop the genocide if you join me in forging global consensus for a worldwide population control law that will restrict the total fertility rate of every country on earth to replacement level, i.e. two children per woman.

I am doing my part to save your people from genocide and indeed the entire world because we are all subject to one method of covert population control or another, and I am but a father with no power other than the power of truth and no means other than the love in my heart.? It is time that you do your part.? Because until such time as we all do our part and each and every human being on this planet assumes personal responsibility for his or her sexual urges and we all limit ourselves voluntarily to just two children, the world will know no peace and we will drive every life form on this planet, including our own, to extinction.

Yes, what the UN and NATO and the industrial-military complexes of the great powers are doing is not right and it is genocide, but they are forced to commit genocide to compensate for the ignorance of the common man, the intractability of religious authorities and their stale dogmas, and for the self-serving posturing of politicians who are forced to cater to populist wishes in a democracy.

It is time that we all come out of the shadows and assume responsibility for this genocide that has been going on since 1945.? Until such time all our hands are drenched in blood, and it is the blood of our children.? Until such time, we are all mass murderers.

If you want to know how to escape this genocidal system that traps us all, I urge you to read and to disseminate my work.? It is freely available here:

And once you have done so and have availed yourselves of my wisdom, you must do what you are being paid to do, which is to lead Africa to a better future.

I will help you to the best of my abilities and without any expectations or obligations.? You need only ask me.



Kevin Galalae

Center of Global Consciousness


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