President Mahama
President Mahama

President Mahama,

Re: immediate cessation of covert depopulation measures

Ghana joined the Global Depopulation Policy in 1985 and the total fertility rate went down from almost 7 children per woman to just under 4 today while the population has grown from 5 million in 1950 to 26 million as of 2014, a fivefold increase. This partial success was accomplished through sterilizing vaccines administered by the UN and western aid agencies.

Your government is currently under great pressure to reach replacement level fertility through GMOs, which is why it is overriding democratic opposition to GMOs and is pushing through parliament the Plant Breeder?s Bill. Once this Bill is in place the population will be rendered sterile through Frankenfoods and untold numbers will be starved to death by engineered food scarcity and high prices.

There is however another way to access much needed aid money, accomplish your nation?s demographic and economic objectives and live up to your international obligations. Instead of doing the bidding of the genocidal lobby that masquerades as the international community and poison your people into sterility, ill-health and early death, you must legislate replacement level fertility and provide your people with cheap but safe contraceptives.

Ghana is a well-governed country with a rapidly growing economy, a free press and a high Human Development Index. I can help you convince your people of the need to limit their reproductive rights if you will help me forge global consensus for a worldwide population control law from the UN Security Council level. Population control is a Planetary Security Prerogative and no people or nation can avoid this painful reality. The sooner the world comes to this understanding the better. But political leadership is needed and I have had to fill this vacuum in the absence of leadership among the political class.

I urge you to use my work to educate yourself and your people until such time as we can meet to discuss how we can help each other. My work is freely available here:


Kevin Galalae
Center of Global Consciousness


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