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Letter: The Great And The Grateful One

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Dear Henry Quartey, (Minister of the Republic of Ghana)

I read your revered letter of appreciation to the president of the republic of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, and encouraged by the positive emotions with which you relished your good experiences with Mr president. You were specific, kind, warm and sincere, and

I cannot agree better with Warren Buffett when he said

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Sir, in the olden days permits were granted by the City Council before trees could be yanked down, all trees were protected and very complex to pull a tree down. This was not because of the protection of trees and vegetation but because scribes, psalmist, and poets were so emotionally attached to the trees and passionately grateful for using their shades against the scorching sun. A psalmist, scribe, or poet always needed to praise or show gratitude for the contributions of trees and shades in their composition or by planting new ones. When I saw you unveiling the Green Ghana campaign program in your era as Minister of Greater Accra, I noted that you were a scribe, poet, or psalmist who is very much grateful to nature, so no wonder you are now grateful to the big oak tree that gave you glorious shades on his 80th Birthday. I envy you bro.

Sir, the appreciative gestures dotted on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo were appealing to culture and what it demands of you. To thank Mr President with ever faultless expression of appreciation for his fatherism, goodness, and his favorable training for you to get things done and rightly received could be related to customs and intellectual achievement.

Literally, that’s what jumbled my spirit of pride as a GaDaŋmean, Ghanaian, and African. And funny to see that while everything you do, everywhere you go and every moment of your life you seeking to express the true nature of a purest Ga man; brave, creative and grateful, few of your coequals who do not even have the physical structure you have are bullying us about by blocking our little lights with their greater lights from Mr President instead of uplifting us, rather they are repressing us,

but I see you grown and learned many lessons as politician. I love this incense smell of your style for only conquerors or makers of civilization can do the things you do.

Hon Henry Quartey thanks for sharing your gratitude with the world, isn’t so sweet to show to the whole world that you were brought up well in sound child discipline and a good child of good parenthood.

The academic outlooks and taste derived from the letter of appreciation was your choice of words which were descriptive to the facts that you were writing to a legal luminary, politician, president and godly man. This will remain in the hearts of true readers forever, and be resource for students of Ethics and Sociology of Law, when is properly captured with an intellectual lens and nourished in the schools of universe. Sir you must be the reason why the president may smile today on his 80th Birthday, for adding on to his basket full of Thanksgiving and Praise to God, who made him and that’s divine.

Sir, in your letter of appreciation, you gave answers to the forgotten children of Mr President who actively shared in his vicarious political life in his struggle to be who he is today, even they, who are doubting as John the Baptist, who sent his disciples to Jesus and asked if he is the Messiah? Jesus response was ” Go tell him, the blind sees, the deaf hear and the lamed walk “. Certainly, in your Thank You Letter to Mr President, you didn’t only offer guidelines for our answers, but you presented yourself as good instrument for the extension services of God and Mr president. The president is not God, and as human he cannot help us all, but brethren like you with stalwart access to him are his good representatives.

Osofo Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey

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