With much pain in my heart as president of the Christian Reformed Church, Nigeria (CRC-N), I wish to inform the national CAN President of the carnage and genocide by islamic insurgents of the Hausa-Fulani insurgents in the Wukari LGA, beginning from February 2014:

Today, Sunday, October 19, 2014, the predominantly Christian southern part of the State, precisely the Wukari LGA, has been attacked again. The villages of Gindin Waya and Sondi were attacked in the morning of the Day of the Lord on which Christians gather to worship the Lord. This is the third time that the Muslims have attacked Christians on Sunday. The attack of today led to the death of four (4) persons in Gindin Waya, and twenty-seven (27) persons in Sondi. Among the dead are the pastor of the Sondi Church and his only male child. The huge army of insurgents that attacked Sondi had many of the insurgents in army uniform. What is happening in Nigeria?Reports reaching the headquarters of the CRC-N Church in Takum, southern Taraba State, say that another pastor, Nuhu Useni, was killed by the Hausa-Fulani as he went to see his farm. His dead body will also be brought to Wukari the capital of the LGA tomorrow for burial.When I contacted the Chairman of the Christian Association of Wukari this evening, he confirmed all that is stated above. Besides, he also informed me that today?s attacks and destruction of human lives and properties seemed to have reached the extent as witnessed today because security tips seemed not to have been responded to by the security agents as expected.The State government with whom lies the onus to protect the lives and properties of the citizens as provided for in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, seems to have interest in these killings and displacement of people, with attending sufferings by women and children especially.I am appealing to the national CAN President, Pastor Ayodele Oritsejafor, to let the Federal Government wade in to the bloodshed in southern Taraba. The Hausa-Fulani north seems determined to wipe southern Taraba off the map of this country. What is happening? How come that one local government area has been attacked seven times now and it seems as if the country has no good security intelligence gathering network, or that security reports are not being used?

Rev. Caleb Ahima

CRC-N President

Takum ? Taraba State


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