Letter to President Akuffo – Addo

Prez Akuffo Addo
Prez Akuffo Addo

I’m writing to express my gratitude to Mr. President and all of his appointees for the fantastic job they have done for Ghana, the homeland. You really are a man of your words and have gone above and beyond. As an NPP member, I felt that it wouldn’t be just if I didn’t express my gratitude to you for all of your social interventions, which have helped every person and developed the nation as well. Despite all the crises the nation faces, peace alone in this country is a legacy that no one will soon forget. May you have a long LIFE.

However, with all due respect to Mr President, the majority of your appointees have lost contact with their home regions, municipalities, and districts, which is doing more harm than good. In my brief experience in politics, the NPP of the past differs greatly from the one we currently have. Writing this hurts because most of your appointees have lost their minds from being overly intoxicated; this detracts from the party and turns off some of the new attendees. A small number of your appointees are actually working, and the vast bulk of them are accumulating wealths worldwide to satiate their desires without contributing anything back to reenergize our bases.

The majority of party members, stakeholders, and other pertinent parties are upset and/or enraged with your appointees. This isn’t because they aren’t working; rather, it’s because;

# Some have outlived their usefulness in office, have outdated ideas that raise less revenue for development,

# Some have strayed from their core mandate, and primarily use their position to meddle in land disputes, chieftaincy matters, and religious disputes throughout the regions, municipalities, and districts, which has caused confusion amongst them.

# Some are busy touring the world, purchasing phones for sly queens, purchasing homes, and giving to strangers in order to appear good in their eyes while leaving their people behind.

Mr President, With all due respect, I believe that the person who generally updates you on events in Ghana and the performance of your appointees hasn’t been fair to you and Ghanaians. Your loyalty to some of your appointees over party interests has done more harm than good. In any case, a great deal of individuals have given more than they should have and are still giving, and they ought to have received recognition by now—either directly from you or indirectly through your appointees. The majority of your appointees don’t get along with party executives, members, or stakeholders, and they don’t even contribute to the development beyond their own self-interest.

The thing that irritates us the most about the government is;
# How ineffective the elderly appointees are, mainly due to a lack of ideas.
# Some of them also don’t respect or pay attention to those in positions of giving them power,
# And worst of all, they frequently spend their lives overseas with their children living those who makes sacrifices for their welfare.

The youthful appointees genuinely want to have an impact on the nation’s and human growth. While some are indifferent to the party’s hold on power, others do. As a result, I believe the President should be advised by the National Chairman and the General Secretary to reshuffle all of his appointees, including the following:
Sector MINISTERs and their DEPUTIES,
CEO and their DEPUTIES,
Board Chairmen, Board Director’s,
Regional Ministers and MMDCES,
Some Regional Director’s, Ambassadors and above all, All those around him without impact.

The results from yesterday’s election are the main reason I’m writing to you, Mr. President. This should indicate to you that the majority of the populace in the nation is tired of some of your avaricious appointees, and I believe this should necessitate a RESHUFFLE to restore their reputation and remove any loopholes. Nonetheless, it is imperative to make room for others to serve, restore the party’s love, and implement some form of power transfer in addition to providing minimal sustenance for their families. How come some newcomers manage to defeat your reliable appointees?

When I confidently ask questions, a lot of people say that
# Appointees gives to our opponents(NDC)
# Hide opportunities from our own people and sell to other regions,
# Hardship dey the system
# And most appointees promote one-sided development.
# Some of them has a valid reason, which they also say that when they see familiar faces in the system, they usually get upset because they feel like they have overstayed their welcome.

Furthermore, because we only have a year left in your eight-year cycle, it is never too late to reverse some of your actions in the best interests of the party and the future. Together, let’s break the eight with some fresh faces. One of the most depressing aspects of the current administration is that everyone feels like they must beg to survive; our government is concealing more opportunities from us and treating us like slaves, as though the party had won via force. The party must run on some of your legacies, united we stand, split we fall, and it must be enjoyable for new members to join through your good leadership.

NOTE: Everyone needs to be willing to contribute, we need to quickly come to terms with our mistakes, forgive ourselves, take good care of our base, especially in rural areas, respect one another, and most importantly, we need to compile our accomplishments and records into data form to be given to the communication team, serial callers, and social media activists. Going into the general elections in 2024, we must respect the NDC and JDM as they are established parties in the system. Even though there are many conflicts among our group, our track record, accomplishments, and legacies seem more promising than the NDC. I’m hoping the President receives this letter so he can review his administration again.


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