samMerry Christmas Zeze. I should probably be writing a Christmas letter. But this one just hit me and I just want to say it.
About 8 years ago Alabaster Box was traveling to the UK to sing in a number of concerts, schools and churches. We had then been to the UK twice in 2001 on our own and in 2003 with our wives and returned.
In 2005 when we applied for visas with our wives, Zeze we were refused on grounds that WE WERE MIGRATING.

Zeze, I had a shock of my life for three reasons:
1. We had been to the UK twice to serve God with our music ministry. We traveled with our wives once and we did not migrate on that occasion, so where did that suspicion come from.

2. International protocls which both UK and Ghana have ratified gives families the right to be together so it was not wrong for us to travel with our wives. Besides, our benefactors/sponsors requested that we went with our wives.

3. UK citizens travel as families on holidays to Ghana all the time and they are welcomed with open arms so I wonder why they tend to suspect almost everybody traveling from Africa, particularly for a group like ours who have traveled to UK twice and returned; to Australia once and returned and we had a visa then we showed that from UK we were heading for the US.

Zeze we filed a petition and we eventually got the visas without reapplying or appealing the initial decision. We made the true point that we love our country more than anywhere else and we have proved that sufficiently by returning home every time we traveled.
It is a pledge we have made to ourselves that breaking immigration rules of any country is the last thing we will do, Zeze. We have maintained that integrity for over a decade and half and we intend to keep it. Can l get an Amen?
Story by Samuel Dowuona

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