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LG Innovative Cooling Technologies Makes Life More Comfortable

Dualcool Inventer Air Conditioner


Owning a split air conditioner is essential, particularly if you can’t stand the intense heat and waves of the hot season.

You should invest as soon as possible in an energy-efficient split air conditioner to save on expenses and maintain your composure throughout the day.

You need to know how to combat the heat as smartly as possible before it catches you. Making your house a SMART HOME is now more necessary than ever because of the technologies that have completely changed how people view their household equipment.

Here’s something you should know before you go on your shopping binge, though. Customers would naturally want an air conditioner with three key components: comfort function, easy maintenance, and convenient installation, whether it is floor- standing or wall-mounted. These compositions can be summed up as having powerful performance, less noise, durability, less energy consumption, and hygiene.

Do you wish to purchase a split-air conditioner? You have landed on the right page. We are here to solve every doubt of yours, especially when it comes to the best energy-efficient, durable, and health-conscious air conditioner from a caring brand called LG Electronics. Let’s get started!

Inverter AC is the most recommended form of split AC. It ensures that you don’t see a hike in your electricity bills even if you switch on the AC for a prolonged period of time. An inverter AC is more economical. It has a smooth operation compared to the fixed-speed air conditioners available on the market. As soon as the room is cooled, the inverter air conditioner lowers the speed of the compressor motor to save energy and refrigerant required to cool the air. This variable-speed compressor consumes less electricity, so you will never see a drastic change in your electricity usage after AC usage. The best inverter AC you can think of is the LG DUALCOOL Inverter Air Conditioner.

LG’s DUALCOOL Inverter Air Conditioners not only provide exceptional performance but also have a sleek and modern design that complements any home or location, says Joonkyu Song, General Manager, Air Solution Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations. The smart display feature allows users to easily monitor the AC’s status, while the exclusive anti-corrosion Gold Fin™ coating ensures long-lasting performance, making the AC durable against dust and sand. Additionally, LG air conditioners are easy to install and maintain, regardless of the surroundings.

“LG’s dual inverter compressor technology enables our residential air conditioners to operate at a pleasantly low noise level, enabling users to relax or rest comfortably without the distracting hum of the air conditioner,” he said.

In terms of health considerations, LG’s DUALCOOL Inverter Air Conditioner ensures a clean and healthy home environment and acts as the first line of defense against bacteria and dust particles with its Dual Protection Filter that captures dust particles larger than 10µm in size. Lastly, LG air conditioners are equipped with LG’s unique skew fan to operate at low sound levels, eliminating unnecessary noise and ensuring smooth operation with the sound of the leaves rustling.

Mr. Song continued by saying the air conditioners, which can also be controlled remotely thanks to the LG ThinQ application, can turn their air conditioners on and off. The intelligent application gives household members various personalized options, allowing them to choose and save their preferred air conditioning temperatures.

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