Liandra Samproni Explains Why Building an Impactful Team Is Vital to Growing Your Company

Liandra Samponi
Liandra Samponi

Successful entrepreneurs are also intrinsically great leaders. The job of a good leader is to motivate their team to work in a common direction and help them grow with the company. Liandra Samproni is one such successful entrepreneur who understands that it is impossible to run a thriving business all on her own. She is the owner of multiple ventures that she has run successfully over the years. Here, Liandra would like to share her experience on the importance of team building with everyone in the business world.

Liandra Samproni is a serial entrepreneur and mother of two, hailing from Reno, Nevada. Over the years, she has added many new businesses to her repertoire. And she expanded these businesses by capitalizing on opportunities in the market. Liandra Samproni inherited Reno RV Park from her grandparents at a young age and operated it successfully. Her second venture, Blitz Creek Bar & Grill, came up when she realized that her small town did not have too many good family-friendly restaurants, and she tripled the revenue within six months. Her love for travel and cooking led her to establish Nomad Brunch Wagon. And she also started Badass Boudoir, which aims at bringing women all across the country together.

Although initially starting out all on her own, Liandra Samproni soon realized that it was impossible to do everything single-handedly. She recalls that the biggest hurdle to running these businesses was to find the right team to execute her vision. This is why Liandra encourages all new entrepreneurs never to underestimate the significance of building the right team. “A team with the right set of people with an adept leader at the helm can achieve results at an alarming pace,” she explains. “You need to train your team to focus on customer service as a top priority. The better you train your team, the easier your workload is. It will enable you to focus on diversification and expansion while entrusting your team with the peripheral tasks.”

Liandra Samproni stresses that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean doing everything by yourself. “A successful entrepreneur is one who focuses on building a core team with views and goals aligning perfectly with their business,” she concludes.

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