Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artist Appeals for Government Assistance

LAGMA members
LAGMA members

The Vice President for the Liberia Association of Musical Artist (LAGMA) Pst. Zlanner Pretean commonly knowing as (ZP) has called on the Government of Liberia to help the LAGMA with financial backing that will enable them enhanced the welfare of its members through local market.

He also said that the government should offer limit protection toward local and International Musical Stars as well as their Intellectual Property Rights. Adding the institutions is appealing to the government to assist Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists through financial aid that will help to strengthen the organization in moving forward.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with New Liberia on Wednesday March 24, 2021, at his office at the Ministry of Information in Monrovia, the Vice President for Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA) Pst Pretean, narrated that the Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists was established in March 15, 1995 at about twenty-six years now.

He also said that their administration is still in newborn state at the moment. And as such they are trying to put in place the organizationally and financial structure the LAGMA. He also appealing to government most specially President George M. Weah, he is one of the bequest music as well.

Pst. Pretean, said, the establishment doesn’t have a place to tutor their members right now and as such the establishment asking donor partners to make a contribution to the development of actors as well as the Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists. He lamented that Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists they are there to regulate policy that will protect and guide their members at time in the world.

Vice President Partean, said, there are many good engineers in Liberia but because of the bad marketing system in the country the institution need to build new structure that will change this noble organization, and as such the Association have developed new plan for Gospel Artists in Liberia. He narrated that LAGMA is not engage into music all along they are also humanitarian organization as well.

Pst. Partean further said that total members of the Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA) are Five hundred in totality in numbers in Liberia and other part of the world. Some are regular in attending the Association activities.

He said they are promoting the Gospel arena in Liberia that will enable our members to move about freely in their professions. He also adds that few years from now LAGMA will be able to stand as an organization in Africa with value and character.

Meanwhile, He lamented that artists are not actually realizing the fruits of their effort as a result of unstable photocopying of their works by corrupt rudiments without their authorization. And as such warned all those who are in the habit of violating the Intellectual Property Rights of Liberian to stop or be punished in accordance with the law of the Republic of Liberia.

He also said that Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists is not limited to Monrovia. He said that LAGMA is in the Leeward Counties like Nimba, Grand Bassa, Bong, Maryland, Grand Kru etc etc.

Pst. Pertean, noted that the executives of the Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists are finding it difficult to received regular copy of the works from the Liberian artists and the musicians. In making the contact for the local talents skills to be realized through economic empowerment for our members.

He said the aim for developing Liberia’s Gospel Artists make and marketing policy is to have a well-defined framework that showcases Liberia’s Gospel Artists potential and to promotes the sector; and makes it be prominent to draw customers, and generate brand awareness”, said Pst. Zlanner Pretean.

He also said that they are not getting support from any donor Agency, some time by the grace of God they are surviving. He adds that they have to hold some musical show that will enable them continued existence as an organization. He said they want the government to help to get their Stadium that will be better for them.

He also lamented that weakness in asking. If we wait for someone to give us what we want, chances are we might never get it. When you don’t know where to turn for help in fighting the battles you are faced with don’t give up because you are not alone in such times, God is with you, turn to him and he shall be glad to help you out.

Pst. Pretean, has called on the Government of Liberia to ensure that maximum protection should be given to local and International Gospel Music makers as well as our Intellectual Property Rights. And as such, he appeals to government to assist Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA) through financial assistance as well as International communities and civil society organization in Liberia.


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