Liberia Movie Union Urged the Government For Empowerment

Liberia Movie Union
Liberia Movie Union

The Vice President for Administration at the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) Mr. Cosme Pulano, Jr. has called on the Government of Liberia to help the Union with financial assistance that will enable them improved the welfare of its members through local market.

He also said that the government should provide maximum protection toward local and International Movie Stars as well as their Intellectual Property Rights. Adding the institutions is appealing to the government to assist Liberia Movie Union through financial assistance that will help to buttress the organization in moving forward.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with New Liberia on Wednesday March 24, 2021, at his office on capitol Bye pass in Monrovia, the Vice President for Administration of the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) Mr. Cosme Pulano, Jr. narrated that the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) was established in 2004 at about Seventeen years now.

He added that their induction into office was in January 2021, when they took over from Mr.  Frank Artus.he also said that their administration is still in infant state at the moment. And as such they are trying to put in place the administratively and financial structure.

He noted that some of the difficulties the Liberia Movie Union facing right now is that the institution doesn’t have people who have professional skills, theory   that can be practical.

Vice  President for Administration  Pulano said, the institution  doesn’t have  a place to train their  members  right now and as such the institution  asking donor partners to contribute to the development of actors  as well as the Liberia Movie Union. He lamented that Liberia Movie Union they are not to manufacture movie but rather they are there to adjust policy that will protect and guide their members.                                                                                                                                                                                                            He also indicated, that there are many manufacture outside there that have not been touch because of the bad market. Adding we have a lot of unqualified   persons who taking over in the movie industry. Because their production is not always good to the public..

VP Pulano said, there are many good production houses in Liberia but because of the bad marketing system in the country the institution need to built new structure that will transform this noble organization, and as such the Union have developed new plan for Movie market maker.

Mr. Pulano  further said that  that total members of the Liberia Movie Union  (LIMU) are eight hundred in totality  and some of our members are delinquent  and some  are regular in attending the Union activities.

Meanwhile,  He lamented that artists are not actually realizing the fruits of their effort as a result of unstable duplication of their works by corrupt rudiments without their permission.  And as such warned all those who are in the  habit of violating the Intellectual Property Rights of Liberian to desist or be punished in accordance with the law.

Mr. Pulano, noted that the executives of the Liberia Movie Union, is finding it difficult to received regular copy of the works from the Liberian artists and the musicians. In making the contact for the local talents skills to be realized through economic empowerment.

Mr. Pulano, Jr has called on the Government of Liberia to ensure that maximum protection should be given to local and International movie makers as well as our Intellectual Property Rights. And as such, he appeal to government to assist Liberia Movie Union through financial assistance as well as to International communities and civil society organization in Liberia.

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