Life At 30 And Ghana At 60

How Fast We Are Losing Our Senses Of Patriotism, Nationalism And Pride As People.


Ghana is the only homeland we have as people and no other place. If we build it properly, we build it for ourselves and if we destroy it too, we destroy it for ourselves and our unborn generations.

Whatever we do today us Ghanaians has effect on us and its ripples in future when we may be long gone. It is therefore imperative on us to do the right things today for a better Ghana, tomorrow.

I am just a young Police officer in my early thirties but I must say that things are changing so fast particularly in our education system which I believe is the root reasons why we are losing it all as Ghanaians. Education is supposed to be an enlightenment to the people but not an element of darkness depending on the inputs factors and its corresponding outputs which is supposed to translate into our national lives as people and country positively.

Our education system should be able to inculcate into us patriotism, nationalism and pride as people. If the education system fail to instill in us these values, we will lose everything as people including our land and deny ourselves as Ghanaians in days to come. Our ways of life these days tell that we are losing it all as Ghanaians and should be blamed partly on the kind of education systems we are implementing now with no sense of direction to patriotism, nationalism and how to be proud of everything Ghanaian.

The argument has always been that our education system is not productive hence the reasons why there is mass graduate unemployment among our youths so some subjects like cultural studies that taught us about our culture and values as distinct people , religious and moral studies that inculcated into us some religious principles to insist on the right things and shun the wrongs ones and social studies that taught us to live harmoniously with fellow Ghanaians who are not members of our tribes as well as our national pride have either be struck from our academic curricula or modified in way that do not impact on our youths anymore.

We are losing fast our sense of patriotism, nationality and pride as Ghanaians but rather copying in excess western cultures and lifestyles that are in sharp contrast to our very fabric of values that make us unique in our own ways. Our food, clothes, funerals and marriages and everything has a western taste but sadly enough, we shun the right things that the Europeans and the Americans are doing to bring development to their countries. We have blatantly refused to learn from them the checks and balances that reduce bribery and corruption, abuse of power and political arrogance.

Not too long ago we were taught in School song like “Arise Ghana youths for your country “, “Land of our birth”, “Yen ara yen asase nyi” by the good old Dr. Ephraim Amu of blessed memories and a lot more nationalistic and patriotic songs. Our teachers told us beautiful and inspirational stories about how these songs were composed and how the composers contributed their quotas to our national development. These songs taught us that we have a connectivity with our motherland where our umbilical cord is buried. We were born on this land and we will buried on the same land someday when our life is over here on earth. We are attached to the land, and the land is also attached to us. It is everything we have so we should be proud of our homeland Ghana.

Every morning at parades, we recited the pledge with our right hand on our hearts. Continously, we pledged our on honours to be faithful and loyal to our motherland Ghana.We pledged to hold in high esteem everything that our heritage won for us together with our all our strengths and all our mights. Here we are, Ghana at 60, we are destroying everything that our heritage won us and leaving a mess behind for those who will come after us to inherit. It’s a pity that we have broken our promise to mother Ghana. We are increasingly becoming lawless in all aspects of our lives and it’s a shame.

We sung the national anthem every morning and prayed to God to bless our homeland Ghana. We should be bold to defend the cause of right and freedom. God should make us to cherish fearless and honesty but here we are, with greater of our youths and leaders becoming increasingly fraudulent and untrustworthy. Few people in position are enriching themselves at the expense of the majority. Anyway, the national anthem still tells us to resist the oppressors rule. The oppressors have become our own people and leaders who are draining Ghana with their parochial interests. They are the people we should resist.

We salute our national flag every morning and fly it at all state functions. The national flag designed by the late Theodosia Okoh replaced the Union Jack of Britain which was a sign of foreign domination on our land. In classroom, our teachers will explain the meaning of the colours that make up the national flag and what each of them represents.

Red represent the blood of our fathers that were poured for the struggles of the Independence and our freedom. We recently celebrated February 28 crossing where Sergeant Attipoe and others died. Ghana as it is today, many people sacrificed their lives to bring it this far. They gave out their all just to ensure that one day there would be a sovereign nation called Ghana where their descendants will live happily. Interestingly enough, today’s Ghanaian does not even want to sacrifice a drop of sweat to make Ghana better together with our selfish leaders. We are neither living for Ghana nor dying for her. We live for our selfish interests.

The Gold or the yellow colour represents how rich our country is in mineral deposits. The gold, bauxite, manganese, diamond and in recent times oil. Our land is naturally endowed with all the goodies to enrich ourselves. Despite how rich in all the mineral deposits, we are still poor as country and people. All these minerals are mined right under our noses yet poverty is still an epidemic disease killing a lot of Ghanaians without cure. The sad aspect is to see all the roads leading to all the mining areas in very deplorable states and how poor those living in mining there are.

The green represented our fertile land and green vegetation. A land so rich in soil nutrients to grow every crop for the sustainable development of our people and to eliminate poverty. In recent years “galamsey ” activities is increasingly threatening our farmlands and beautiful vegetation. All our water bodies and rivers are being polluted all in the name of illegal mining just to enrich some few. What is actually worrying is Chinese involvement in galamsey with large equipments whilst our leaders look on unconcerned. Our forests are depleting at the fastest rate all in the name of illegal mining. Once a beautiful green Ghana is on her way to become a desert.

The black star in the middle of the national flag represented Ghana as the first black nation to gain independence in Sub-Saharan or black Africa. Ghana our beloved country became the shining example for all black people and nations everywhere and anywhere that “black man is capable of managing his own affairs”. Our independence served as a catalyst for the liberation of the African continent from the shackles of colonial rule. Kwame Nkrumah in his independence speech mentioned that “the independence of Ghana is meaningless until it linked to the total liberation of the African continent ” and truly it did.

The liberation story of the black man from slavery and colonialism wouldn’t have completed without the independence declaration of Ghana on the 6th of March 1957. Come on the 6th of March 2016, Ghana will be 60 years as an independent nation. 60 years of independence from colonial rule to 60 years of self rule yet our lives still haven’t changed much in terms of development and economic stability as a nation and people considering how we have been endowed naturally with resources.

What is even worrying is how we are losing our senses of patriotism, nationalism and pride as Ghanaians to a rather fraudulent and untrustworthy characters that have the tendencies to wreck this nation some day.

Still God bless our homeland, Ghana.

Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III

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