Several students from Lango sub region who study in central regional schools are confused at Lira Bus Park as recent changes made in the transporting sector begin to bite.

Students who thought they would report to their various schools to day could not get any transport to take them as many buses took off at night due to many travelling passengers.

At the park, there was only a bus of Mawenzi Bus Company which was booked a day earlier and was only waiting to take off at 2pm as per its schedule.

Tony Ogwal, the manager of Mawenzi Bus Company said the problem has come as a result of the recent changes and strict measures put in place by the transporting licensing governing board (TLG).

“I blame all this confusions on the governing body because when people are many, buses should be allowed to do what they want with their customers”, Ogwal said during an interview.

Recently TLG stopped bus operators from faulting their takeoff and departure schedules citing rampant accidents to buses travelling at night.

The Uganda police which is one of the stakeholders in the transporting sector had reported that accidents in buses which travel long distances with return journeys was inevitable due to tiredness to drivers and mechanical condition of the bus.
Allan Okori, a student at St. Peters Nalya said he is confused of what to do because its hard to get a hostel of interest at school if a student reports later than the first day.

“I think I will be forced to put up any where because today was the right day for me to reach”, Okori who comes from Alebtong district said.

There are nine bus companies operating from Lira to other district but change in their time of operations has affected them. Mawenzi, Atin Paco, Bakulu, White Coaches, Acanadiro, Feliesta, Gaaga, Northern Tour, Flannel and Ebenezer are the buses operating from Lira terminal.

Buses that used to come from Kampala in the evening like Mawenzi, White Coaches and make return journey have been stopped and ordered to go one way following their time of loading and departure.

By Vien Obote, The New Vision



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