Taking the smooth sound of dancehall and pairing it up to a strong reggae sensibility?
Truly original and inspirational singer/songwriters don?t come around too often in today?s current musical climate, which is why Mess-Age, the Nigerian/Europe based brightest reggae star in the making is a unique talent. Born 24th IMG_20150115_120328December as Ohiomah O?jay Idonije but later changed his name to Benjamin A. Anderson ,and now popularly known as ? Mess-Age? is Europe-Nigerian reggae/dancehall/hip hop/soul singer and song writer.
Mess-Age is one of the increasing number of African artist been drawn to the music of the Caribbean specifically reggae. Having grown up in a fervently religious and musical family, he was exposed to the imported sounds of Bob Marley at an early age. After moving to Europe from Nigeria as a child, Mess-Age forged his cultural identity through exploring his love of reggae and dancehall music prior to pursuing his music career.
Early influences on Mess-Age?s moving and melancholic style range from the inimitable Peter Tosh to the magnificent Bob Marley. Having grown up with such rich musical influences, Mess-Age started building up his own blossoming career in music with his own reggae /dancehall and this is something he already garnered critical acclaim for with his first album release titled ?STOP & THINK?.
Mess-Age?s music has been described by industry tastemakers as? mainstream which is actually meaningful?
I make music because it gives me a pure sense of contentment which is part of me. The most important thing is to be myself; I am not trying to be anything or anyone else, I Am MESS-AGE.



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