Live band: Let Your Show Be Interesting or Forget It


Urban Afro pop singer eShun has advised musicians who intend performing with live bands to put up an interesting show or remain at home.

Explaining why some Ghanaian artistes still mime at shows when audiences pay to see them perform live, eShun, speaking on Class Drive with Prince Benjamin on Class91.3FM on Friday August 12, put the issue down to nature. In her view, some musicians were born as recording artistes and were, therefore, unable to perform live.

“I think sometimes you are not born to perform live. Some people are born recording artistes so they are not able to do the live thing, because if you’re doing live and you are not interesting, you might as well sit in the house. … It’s either you kill it or you just sit at home. And, sometimes, if you don’t have it in your genes, you don’t have it in your genes. Sometimes, too, you can learn, but sometimes you just can’t force it,” she stated.

eShun, who has participated in three musical talent shows, said the shows had thought her the ethics of performing live on stage and, therefore, she was well-grounded in live performances.

“Before Mentor, I was singing at church, but the experience was different because the audience was different. [At a reality show], you will be doing contemporary songs and all sorts of songs so it helped me a lot in my music career. I was taught stage ethics, your highs, your lows, and what to do on stage and what not to do. And at Project Fame, that was live also, so I am actually well-grounded when it comes to doing live music right now,” she said.

eShun identified difficult crowds among other factors as the challenges involved in performing with a live band.

According to her: “Most of the times you look at the crowd, because sometimes your crowd is not very friendly, so it means you need to work extra hard and sometimes they are already up and jumping, so it makes it very easy. And another factor will be your live band. It must be good because you can’t do it alone, so everybody must feel it, else pressure will be on the singer to do more or the drummer to roll more or to do something extraordinary. So you and your band must think together, have a band that you gel with.”

The You Only Live Once musician participated in TV3’s Mentor Season Five, MTN Project Fame in Nigeria, and Glo X-Factor.

According to her, it has taken her eight years to get to where she is today and, therefore, she is here to stay and to take the world by storm.

Source: Ghana/ Mensah

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