Living A Healthy Life

Writer: Mr Eric Tsikata CEO Tsikarts

Staying active can make you feel better than any other medicine. Remember

Writer: Mr Eric Tsikata CEO Tsikarts
Writer: Mr Eric Tsikata
CEO Tsikarts

feeling better on the inside will surely show on the outside and will enhance the way you look.

The best way to stay active is to cherish work, games, sports, walking , playing etc. A dormant indoor life for a long time is not good for your body, skin and general health. Instead of watching television or using the computer for a long time, try walk and sight seeing. Instead of letting your servant or children do all house chores, try doing them yourself sometimes.

House chores are some of the ways of giving yourself a free style exercise. Try parking your car sometimes and do some stroll or walk. Climb stairs instead of always using the elevator or lift. Visit interesting places, tourist centers, beaches etc. Get some sunshine(in moderation) and fresh air as well! The sun can help your body produce vitamin D. Some few minutes of sunshine a day will surely give you a healthy glowing skin.

Exercise will keep your heart healthy, aid blood circulation, metabolism, natural cleansing of the body, tone your shape and skin hence giving you that healthy beautiful skin. Some activities that can help keep you healthy include, cycling, playing basketball or football horse riding, karate, dancing,yoga, walking, swimming and etc.

Just as exercise is important, resting is also important. You can pamper yourself by doing something to keep you in a high spirit of peace and serenity once a while. It could be taking a long bath, getting a spa, massage, enjoying the sea breeze at the beach, being in the pool, etc.

You can create a joyful day of total bliss at home by trying the at home spa by yourself or with a loved one. You can also visit one of the resorts for an intriguing experience.

Soaking yourself in the tub or the bath basin using a scented bath gel with lukewarm water to bath will surely give you a feeling of freshness. Give a special cleaning or scrub to your feet, especially heels. You can light some candles near the tub to create a beautiful scenery. Do not rush to get out fast, feel relaxed.

Apply a soothing lotion to damp skin after bath, wrap yourself in a big towel or beautiful robe, wash your face using a gentle soap or face cleanser. You can try a soothing facial treatment by adding herbal tea bags, lemon or bowl of lukewarm water. Lean your face over the bowl for some minutes and then clean your face dry. You can also try some massage by the help of a specialist or at-home massage by a loved one with a soothing massage cream or oil.

After pampering yourself, free your mind from all problems, bad moment, house chores, homework, stress, disturbance and friends.

Turn on your favorite song, preferably a cool, soft and relaxing music with a glass of fruit juice or any chilled natural drink. Relax in your bed, chair or couch comfortably and enjoy your music. Close your eyes taking few breaths, visualize the beauty of creation, interesting places and great moments and memories! Think about the wonder of nature, the goodness and greatness of the creator and His favour and blessings, think about all the lovely people in your life, Go on, till you are swept by sleep.

Apart from pampering yourself once a while, try at least fifteen to thirty minutes relaxation everyday and get adequate sleep too because without enough sleep you will feel restless, tired, irritable, and your akin, hair and eyes will look dull, Get at least seven hours sleep each night.

Relaxation is an important part of beauty art. The benefits of rest are immense so do not underestimate it.

Rest re-invigorates body,mind and spirit, making you feel fresh and renews, it also prevents and heals physical, psychological and emotional challenges.

To live a healthy life, please find time to pamper yourself!!

The writer is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and an author. One could contact him on +233243319979

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