Liziane Guiterrez, the woman who accused Chris Brown of punching her in the eye at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort, broke silence after the “Love More” hitmaker said that she’s “too ugly” to be in his party. She defended herself as saying that she was there because of his friend’s invitation.

Chris previously ranted about the woman in an Instagram video which has been removed for some reasons. Chris who wore a white long-sleeved shirt and looked nervous alleged that the woman tricked him to get money.

“Obviously someone is looking to get a check or start some s**t,” Chris said in the video. “I don’t know this old looking b***h. This b***h is old, like dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video. She came to Vegas and she probably came to my room and was too ugly to get in.”

Responding to Chris’ comment about her troubled past with Jason, Liziane said, “If you wanna talk about the past, who you’d think had the worst past? Me [with] one history or you?” She also admitted that she’s scared to go out of her house as Chris’ fans might attack her. “Tell your fans if they wanna talk about me, go for it, but leave myself alone,” she told the R&B singer.

Most recent report said that Chris would file a defamation lawsuit against Liziane. His representative Nicole Perna has vehemently denied all of the woman’s claims, saying her charges are “unequivocally untrue.” In her version, Brown took her phone when he found out she slipped it inside his private party at the Palms Casino Resort hotel room on Saturday, January 2. She also said he punched her in the eye, yelled and left.



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