Lomobiawe Clan wants self-acclaimed Divisional Chief cease power

Lomobiawe Clan
Nomo Gbordzor Abayateye

The Lomobiawe Clan and the kingmakers of the clan in Ada under the Ada Traditional Council have directed self-styled Divisional Dhief, David Domaley Akporyoe to cease forthwith the title bestowed on him as divisional chief of the Lomobiawe Clan that the title has not been conferred on him by the kingmakers.

The Head Gate of Abaya Family, Nomo Gbordzor Abayateye, who addressed the media during a Press Conference on Tuesday 21st June, 2022 at Lomobiawe Divisional Council Teteku Tsosisi, Big Ada said, the position of the Divisional Chief remains vacant by death of Nene Lomo III in 2015 and the issue of the rightful person to ascend the Divisional Chief’s throne of the clan is still pending before the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs whiles other aspects pending before the National House of Chiefs.

Nomo Gbordzor explained that, the Lomobiawe Clan encompasses of Eight Head Gates that by the customs, traditions and usage as well as the constitution of the clan, the Head Gates wield absolute power to nominate, select and enstool a divisional chief adding that David Domaley Akporyoe has not been enstooled by the kingmakers.

According to him, David Domaley Akporyoe who is known by his self-acclaimed Divisional Chief title as Nene Lomo IV has illegitimately and unlawfully enstooled himself carrying himself about as the Divisional Chief of the Lomobiawe Clan.

Nomo Gbordzor noted that, the self-acclaimed Divisional Chief, David Domaley Akporyoe has gone ahead to sign documents on behalf of the Lomobiawe Clan with the support of the Ada Traditional Council to sell lands belonging to the Lomobiawe Clan to a private investor Dr. MacDan Kolley who received lease agreement from the Traditional Council to work in the Ada Lagoon.

He has therefore described the documents signed by the David Domaley Akporyoe with Ada Traditional Council to sell lands to the private investor as null and void.

He said the Kingmakers of the clan do not recognize him as Divisional Chief of the clan hence the Eight Heads of Gates object his representation of the clan in any avenue of decision making at the Ada Traditional Council and elsewhere.

Nomo Gbordzor Abayateye who was a former and first Member of Parliament (MP) for Sege Constituency added that, the clan is not in support of the diverse activities and behaviours of the proclaimed chief, David Domaley Akporyoe and would like the Ada Traditional Council and other jurisdiction that matters most to discard him as the representative of the clan.

As representatives of the clan, the following members signed the statement made available to the media. Nomo Gbordzor Abaya, head of Abaya Family, Nomo Humo Bafflo, head of Baffloe Family, Nomo Nene Dornu Nittah Akwada, Head of Akwada Family, Nomo Moses Narh Tettega, Natey Ohene Family and Nomo Godwin Dugba Agbesi Dornor, head of Tettega Family.

Also, in attendance were, Famous Ngmongmlotey Akomdoo, spoke person for the Lomobiawe Clan; Nomo Teye Abayateye, Ngmonmgloworno; Asafuatserngua Asiedu Agblo; Otsiamer Tekpernor Abayateye of Lomobiawe; Nomo Albert Agbeko; Nomo Titus Abayateye; Otsiamer Nomo Adierhey Abayateye of Abayateye Family; Naana Okoryo Ngmogmlokie I, Queen Mother of Lomobiawe.

BY; Nicholas Tetteh Amedor

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