Look For The Opportunity In Every Adverse Situation

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Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.


Author of the success classic Think and Grow Rich

When things are not going our way, when we get rejected for one reason or another, some people come up with so many negative thoughts. They may feel the world has conspired against them, that they were born under the wrong star or that they have offended the gods, or that someone has placed a curse on them.

These negative beliefs may be holding them back from taking the needed action to change the situation in their life. We need to replace such negative beliefs with more empowering ones if we are to become more successful in life.

Instead of seeing every difficult or challenging event as a negative, those who have an upbeat attitude to life look for the opportunity in such situations to improve and succeed. That is what successful people do.

In his book The Success Principles Jack Canfield wrote: “In fact, there is growing research that the vibrations of positive expectation that successful people give off actually attract to them the very experiences they believe they are going to get.” Successful people view setbacks and disappointments as stepping stones to success and achievement.

For every obstacle or roadblock, they ask, what’s the opportunity in this for me to improve and reach my goal? Instead of resorting to the blame game, they look for solutions and that’s why they eventually succeed whilst others fail.

Bad things happen for a reason. It may happen to teach us important lessons in life.

Bad things happen to make us better not bitter. Every bad event also contains within it the seed of something better. Look for the good in any negative event and you would most likely find it.

You need to have an optimistic attitude that something good is on its way to you when difficulties present themselves. Blessings often come disguised as obstacles.

Always look for the good in all your interactions with people. Believe something good will come out of your conversations with people.

If you lose your job or get divorced, would you go and commit suicide? Perhaps there is a better job somewhere waiting for you, a better woman or man is somewhere waiting for you. God has something better in store for you.

If you are not getting what you want, keep searching, don’t give up. Your positive expectations will do the trick. Believe the world is conspiring to deliver to you what you have been expecting.

Most people give up when they are about entering their success zone. They give up because of challenges. They give up because of frustrations and disappointments. You must know that challenges come to test your faith. You must believe in your dreams, believe that you can do it and succeed before it will actually happen. In other words you need a positive mindset and that success is your birthright and go for it.

Most of us become impatient when there is a delay in getting the things we desire. But delay is not denial. God is working out everything for your good. Be patient even as you work towards your goal.

There are situations when someone starts a project with enthusiasm but soon gives up. They get distracted and lose interest. Keep your enthusiasm high and let no obstacle discourage you. Have strong enough reasons why you want a particular thing and get motivated to continue until you win.

If you have no one to cheer you on, be your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself every step of the way. Navigate your way through the difficulties until Providence smiles on you. Difficulties are the backdoors to success.

In conclusion, greet every obstacle in your life as an opportunity to turn things around for the better. Blessings come disguised as obstacles. Look for the opportunity in every adverse situation to improve your life and succeed.

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