Looming Hunger at Country-Side Children’s Home

Country-Side Children’s Home
Country-Side Children’s Home

Children of the Country-Side Children’s Home in Bawjiase of the Central Region would soon be faced with serious hunger as the land used o cultivate foodstuffs to support their upkeep is being taken over unduly, by the Chief of Opemo near Ewutu Bawjiase, Nai Baah II.

The owners of the Home who legally acquired parcels of land some 30 years ago, have to battle the said chief who is receiving support from the Bawjiase District Police Commander, Mrs. Felicia Ayesu, who are conniving to take over their land.

Painstaking investigations conducted by this paper have revealed that the said chief, Nai Baah II and his ‘aide’, District Commander Mrs. Felicia Ayesu are intimidating owners and staff of the home.

The owners and staff of the home, have been facing undue arrests and sometimes attacks from the chief and his people who are hell bent in taking the land from them.

It has been established that the owners of the Home acquired parcels of the land legally, and have been in possession since until recently, the chief took interest in the land.

The chief, according to information, had earlier made attempts to claim the land but was unsuccessful as he was sued in court.

Cunning enough, the said Chief approached the Home owners demanding an amicable settlement of the case hence, the Court ordered the two parties to settle the matter at home.

Instead of going by his words for an amicable solution, Nai Baah II decided to use force to claim the land by hiring the services of excavator operators to grade part of the farms belonging to the school.

Nai Baah II according to information, is claiming half of the 13-acre land left undeveloped by the school but is being used as farms.

Meanwhile, during one of his escapades of cutting down trees with a sewing machine on the said land on April 12, 2023, he was confronted by Michael Wilson and some two Forest Commission officers who were patrolling the forest.
The chief hid the sewing machine and took to his heels upon realising the presence of the forestry commission officers.

On June 6, 2023, Nai Baah II reported at the police station claiming Michael Wilson (Son of the mother of the Home) tried to “butcher” him with cutlass when he went to the forest.

Michael Wilson was arrested by the police on that allegation and allegedly intimidated by the Commander who threatened and promised to ensure that he (Michael Wilson) see hell in the cells.

Information is that, after taking his statement and was asked to provide witnesses to prove him innocence to the allegations levelled against him, he (Michael Wilson) mentioned the two Forest Commission officers who were at the scene.

Meanwhile, upon their arrival at the police station, the two Forestry Commission officers were also arrested by the same Commander, Mrs. Felicia Ayesu who claimed the two officers were only there to give “false witnesses” hence must be locked up.

“The Commander said we were there to give false witness, so she ordered that we are taken into the cells and taken to where the toilet is,” the officers narrated.

“She also ordered that her people should pour water in the toilet whilst they locked us in there,” they said.
It has also been alleged that, whilst at the police station, the Chief came to the station and had discussions with the District Commander who, asked the chief to allocate four (4) plots of the land to her for the jobs she has been doing for him (the chief).

The Chief, according to information, also promised to do so and told the police commander “Don’t Worry,” giving her hope that the land will surely be taken over from the Home so they can share it among themselves.

The Home, which is also ready to defend their property, said although the Court had asked that the matter be settled at home, they are ready to pursue the matter again and ensure that justice is served.

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