It was a bit unusual to experience revenge after a cheat on someone. However, it contemporary not uncommon; it?s even a delight in the eyes of most people. Where do we find the passion of love that we firmly held some years ago? What?s actually is happening? Is it as a result of wealth, fame, education, prosperity, mention them, that change friends to be foes, the innocent to be guilty, that turns sweet to bitterness, that causes the smiley face to frown, turns trust to distrust. Martin Luther King said that ?Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that?. Both darkness and hate hurt. The way to get rid of them is the problem, because their keys are getting missing. To my own point of view, it is about time we realise the insignificance consequences of hatred towards ourselves. The one you never want to see today may be your greatest saviour tomorrow, so as your worst enemy can one day be your best friend? this thought may skip you by the way, trust me, while you earnestly run through your luxurious leisure. You might have drowned in a deep sea if no one had ever loved you. This means that your life now is as a result of people?s love for you. If so, then why don?t you too save people?s lives? Try it! People have become vulnerable and liable because of others unfriendly relationship with them; some even lose their lives.

Holy Bible
Holy Bible

Our relationship with God is like the loving relationship between a child and his parents.? God (through His prophets) presented a picture of a very loving God who wants everyone to be in harmony with Him. He always seeks to awaken loving response in each of us, since it is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. He knows and loves each of us personally, as parents know and love their children. He in His own great wisdom and creativity lifted His band of love to mankind, since the genesis of creation. A clear example is the breath you still hold, despite your numerous sins. God is merciful. His great love for humanity should give us enough cause to have love for all. In the holy Quran 17:21, is stated: ?To all We render aid? And the gift of thy Lord is not restricted? then in the holy Bible, Mathew 5:45, it is stated that ?He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.? At the time when Moses prayed to God, ?show me Thy glory,? the Lord answered, ?I will make all My goodness pass before thee.? ?Exodus 33:18, 19. He is slow to anger and of great kindness. (For further studies, also see ?Mathew 7:8-11, 1John:16b, & Genesis 1:26-28). He keeps on admonishing us to have love for our parents, love for our neighbours, love for our nation, love and love for all, irrespective of anything imaginable.

The length and breadth of love defines more than significant. It is limitless, endless and unconditional. Nothing can therefore break the bond of well-established relationship. Today?s world crises like war, practise of slavery, affliction caused by people?s insubordination, etc. is widely caused by lack of love. Without love brings about intolerance, misunderstanding and possibly conflict- no peace. To the great opened mind, life in this world is nothing but a powerless moment shared by all?, that we?ll one day be summoned by the Creator for account. What other reason can safeguard your opinion for hating your brother? Some religious beliefs and doctrines have been a clue to promoting hatred among people. You can?t believe that! People consider theirs more worthwhile than others. A great philosopher Garrison Keillor once said ?Anyone who thinks sitting in the church makes you Christian must also think sitting in the garage can make you a car.? What this means is that, we are all one way or the other weak at the face of God. What is more regarding is to love, and so there?s no need to bluff of perfection. (Also see Quran 35:49).

Have we ever realised that hating someone is very harmful to our own selves? It makes us very uncomfortable. Ivan Panin once said ?hatred is the atmosphere of hell? Actually, it restricts us from doing certain things, more seriously, regarding to the fellow in question, even when beneficial to us. Likewise an unlocked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man sense of value and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful ?Tim Lebbon of 1969. Consequently, it retards you from achieving your mission at some point in time. Making you lose opportunities and favours you might have given or received from your ?loved ones?. Rather, it is the reverse, to love all. Think about it.

Love is the key. People in love bring peace, joy, harmony and tranquillity to the land of the living. If everyone were in love, how impressive to have all these surely on earth. Just imagine! Nevertheless, to love someone should be said from deep your heart. In other words, pretend not to love for that?s more harmful. Likewise the merciful God to whom when we sin, still loves and is ever willing to admit us to His bosom; try your best to accept the apology from people, take each person on your way as part of you, even though they may not, eradicate from you the spirit of hatred and approach people whom you have offended and seek for forgiveness disregarding the type of sin committed. Always elevate, heighten and illuminate the beauty of love. Don?t do otherwise. It?s mostly unimaginable to hear boat from people claiming unhealthy relationship with their brothers, very interesting, yet serious!

We need to notice and embrace the fact that love is the light of the world; and for light to bright, it should be put on. Political parties in Ghana should be more aware that Ghana can move ahead intensively with love, not the struggle for ?empty? power, discrimination whatsoever, for wealth without work is worthless. Love paves way for countries to relate peacefully and the receiving of credits such as funds, goods, and physical and technical supports. I do not believe there are countries with litigated and hatred political boundaries. Help me strengthen my faith. That?s great anyway. With that pertaining, the world will attain what is referred as Universal Love. In fact each and every soul needs love to undoubtedly live healthier and stronger. Never and ever think being rich makes been loved unwanted. Leave behind your wealth in search of true love from the poor, if necessary. Possessing everything in the world without love I describe as a bird with clipped wings. Consider the kind of inspiration and excitement that makes you jump from the sunny area to the shady area. They?re different world altogether- love and hatred. At times, people love when in need. They share tears with those who wholeheartedly love them, but inwardly glad? It is grieving to be paid back evil for your good deeds.

Also, more often than not, religious leaders in religious homes advise their wards to refrain from hatred; they tell their wards to desist or quit relationship with people in different religious backgrounds, especially those they consider ?disbelievers?, yet they claim to be true Christians and Muslims portraying the zeal of love to the universe ?preaching the gospel, counselling and many more. The holy Bible (1 John 4:20) says, if someone says, ?I love God,? yet hate his brother, that person is a liar, for everyone who does not love his brother, who he sees, cannot love God who he sees not. To most rich men, the poor is always stigmatised. They (the poor) have no margin. The rich bravely advocate their sons and daughters to refrain from setting relations with the poor, the paralysed, the illiterate, the physically deformed, etc. rather, to a few section people in the ?same world? with them. Dear reader, does this accords to the principles of love? Very unrealistic!

?Love for All, Hatred for None? has been a unique motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. It stands to accelerate true and peaceful teachings of Islam, and reflects the actual wants of the whole world and beyond. The Ahmadiyya Muslim strives to live a simple but profound life of Islam that can be simplifies to ?love for all, hatred for none? there is exclusive extension of human rights including freedom of religion for all. The key foundation of this motto relates to loyalty, equality, freedom, respect and peace. These elements surely reflect the true image of the religion ?Islam which often gets lost in the mist of worlds events. The third successor and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community underline that according to Islam, all human beings are equal before God. He added that Islam teaches us to live with mutual and affection and with humility. May Allah be pleased with him.

My words seem comprehensive but may sound a bit elliptical. Analytically, the whole issue bows down to the tendency of love. Love they say is patience, kind, peace. It?s never boastful, arrogant, not hatred, neither discriminative. Why these? Countries like Sierra Leon, Pakistan, Ruanda, Angola and the rest seem to disregard the qualities of love and then pose onto innocent souls very hurtful tasks and needless punishments. A sociologist Howard Zinn once said that ?no flag is big enough to cover the shame of killing innocent souls? meaning that there is no convincing reason(s) that can be given to explain why innocent folks are being killed. May Allah mercy on us all? The zeal of love actually does not dwell in the heart of many countries and that can be attributed to today?s world?s crises.

In some part of world, male children are more preferable than females. The female are hence been killed, bitterly. Very pathetic! At other places too, whites are more preferable as compared to blacks. It is the vice versa with others. This goes a long way curbing the glory, mercy, and wonders of God since different people come to the world with diverse destiny and purposes.

Moreover, people disregard their fellow human beings in favour of his properties. One thing we must know is that God created us differently in times of acquisition of worldly materials. You might have money only because God wants you to help others or safe the life of others. We?ll definitely account for any form of divine favours and to what extents we made use of them. God has made us aware that we, together with our properties are just like moving wind. It moves very quickly and vanishes within a twinkle of an eye. National presidents, members of parliament, ministers, pastors, Muslim leaders and other high dignitaries God has assigned specific tasks should have open eyes and place human beings on top of every situation; as He Himself put all creatures at the custody of man (as stated in the Holy Bible) and the Quran 35:40 states ?He it is Who made you successors in the earth??

God extensively entreats us to have love even for animals. This also senses towards how they (the animals) are been killed for food and so forth, as required by Islam that slaughtering be should done according to Islamic procedure which aims to cause the animal as little suffering as possible. It is serious that in Islam, it is understood that one could gain Heaven or Hell due to ones treatment of animals. A Muslim, so as a Christian is responsible for the care of animals so much that an ill-treated animal will testify against the one who abused it on the Day of Judgement. The prophet Mohammed (saw) forbade people to capture birds, burn anthills, and whip animals. Proverb 12:10 also states; the righteous person care (even) about the life his animals, the compassion of wicked people is (nothing but) cruelty. (For further studies, also see Isaiah 40:11, Quran 6:38). We need to put ourselves in their shoes and consider the pain they?re taken through since they all react to stimulus? it looks strange, isn?t it..?

To men: a woman accepting your to your proposal doesn?t make the rest your enemies (so much distinct to deserving dubious attitude). Love them as well but just have to know how to regulate your love to the two comparatively. However, when your proposal yields no fruit, let no one label them with questionable tags. Take a backward step and keep on loving until you meet someone who really cannot live for the rest of her life without you.

Then to women: Accepting the proposal of the man of your dream doesn?t make the rest out there your foes. Try to forgive and forget the anxious trend and torment you?ve been taken through before. Push your heart towards the one who hate or has hurt you before; for everything to happen, there a reason. God declared that ?it is not good for a man to be alone; I will make a helper suitable for him.?

If you must hate a man for many things about which you disagree, remember that you should also love him for the many things about which you disagree ?Ivan Panin. My last word to you is that just have love for all with your entire wish and grasp all the amazing prizes you?ve never thought of. Have your way through in peace. Good luck!





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