Why would any rational being sleep with the enemy? There are circumstances that drive human beings into survival mode and force them to sleep with the enemy. We learned about it during slave trade, in wars and when out of control in the workplace. Through human history, in the Bible and the Koran sexual dominance reign in every continent and poverty also play its role leading to domination and submissive sexual encounters.

Sex is one of the natural needs of humans but also used as a weapon. So friends and enemies within and outside homes or countries play it to blackmail and get what they want. It will be na?ve to claim we do not know the consequences until the deadly damage is done or that our intention was not to cause such catastrophe. A son that calls in armed robbers for his father cannot later cry that he never wanted them to kill him.

Going by the number of women African politicians command, one may think they would be less tempted to fall for prostitutes on their foreign trips that would compromise the country’s security. When the 12th wife of the Swazi King cheated on him, it was not with an enemy but with one of his ministers. It could be worse, had she cheated with foreign bodyguards common in a few African countries. So the Swazi secret is relatively safe.

Nigerians might be happy that their strongman, Armed Dictator Abacha was taken down by the foreign prostitutes. How far they penetrated and how much damage was done compromising Nigeria’s security has not been subject of discussion. The reason is we have bigger problem going by Wiki Leak. Our politicians are willing to disclose sensitive security information to foreign governments that they will not disclose to any Nigerian.

It is a different scenario when powerful people in their line of work subject themselves to the lure of prostitutes. Americans, sophisticated on spies, are baffled by the breach in security that could have led to compromising the way enemies could have gotten to their President. Not naive of human weakness for the opposite sex, adventure, taste or exotic beauties in the line of duty. The British call it bush allowance in colonial days.

Africans are no strangers to this type of bush allowance either. Some of our heads of state and politicians have been compromised for many years even in the process of getting groomed for power. Foreign girlfriends and prostitutes are very common just as being on the payroll of foreign governments. Indeed, some of the African head s of states that have not succumbed, have been targeted for harsh treatment or overthrow.

It is debatable if the concern with the breach of security by United States secret agents could have made news in Africa, since our politicians are neck deep in such pleasures in the course of duty. Whenever you have a woman and a man willing to share food and drinks, human nature can take over even if that is not the initial goal or tendency. Well, is the best way to a man’s heart or head, through his stomach?

It is a wakeup call to note what powerful countries are worried about that we may think has no significance, a joke or unnecessary attention compared to bigger concerns. Most countries or homes do not fall on the first or second blow but those that keep on taking and taking will be fall by the last crumple that breaks the camel’s back. It is an example of how human frailty and compulsive sexual behavior can expose a home or a country.

The uproar over ?little? fling by secret service agents while on a Columbia mission shows how far USA has come. France promising politician, DSK, fell from grace after allegation of sexual misconducts despite France tolerance for prostitutes. The end of Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister took only too long to fall from power. Even the United States of today is different from that of JFK days when press overlook sexual indiscretion.

It takes two to tangle so there must be willing partners. United States finally deported a Russian beauty that penetrated some high class circles in the Country but before any substantial damage could have been done. The worst of it is when you have an enemy within that is willing to serve an outside enemy, that house cannot stand. It is a form of cancer that destroys unless it is cut off before it infects the rest of the body.

We have been assured that one or two African countries are vying for the next super power in the year 4000 or so. So it may be painful now, if we stick to their economic advice, eventually we will get to the Promised Land. It sounds so much like what they told poor people, serfs and slaves to wait for their reward in heaven or better still, for forty virgins in heaven. Without self-control, most of us are vulnerable to sexual teaser.

So sex sells goods and services as any advertiser knows only too well. If it can be used by the holy men to lure young men and women for a blissful and romantic life after their demise, it is a testimony to the powerful force of their motivation to accomplish a goal. Some of us could have sworn some years back that it could never happen in Nigeria. Welcome to the world of indoctrination using the old vulnerability of sexual blackmail.

The amount of security breach by the lure of sex, undue influence and money that is generated in house to buy back the house is disturbing, people of good will must be wondering where and how the next generations of Africans are going to survive. If we cannot tighten our lose ends and get serious about our politicians and senior civil servants selling us out. What do we care about secret service agent sexual encounters?

When our politicians call on foreign countries to rape Africa, their intention is irrelevant, they should be judged for the damage they do to individual countries. Politicians will tell you their intention is to develop their countries and open their markets as free zones for international competition. The reality is that there is no country in the world that has free competition and prospers. Yet they preach it to African countries as sexy adverts.

Source: Farouk Martins Aresa.

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