As part of its efforts of protecting the environment and curbing sanitation-related issues in the country; Lucozade Ghana has taken another giant step by organising a clean-up exercise over the weekend to give a much-needed facelift to the Osu Alata Beach.

The garbage around the beaches has polluted the sea, and the filth has also degraded the environment, this affects life in and around the sea.

It is in this regard, Lucozade Ghana took this judicious step by partnering with Coliba Recycling Company to help clean and also recycle all the plastic wastes being collected during the exercise.

The massive clean-up exercise was which was held under the theme: “Lucozade’s love date with Earth” (Beach Clean Up) attracted an enthusiastic participation from members of staff of Lucozade Ghana and the residents.

Speaking to the News Ghana during the exercise, the Country Manager, Lucozade Ghana, Mr Mensah Seneadza, noted that their motive is to help clean the environment and also imbibe in the people the culture of cleanliness.

He noted that the exercise is going to be done every single day by way of investing in sustainable processes such as investing in bins and supporting other organizations that are already into sanitation, cleanliness and plastic waste management.

“ More so, the theme was chosen to show love and appreciation for Mother Earth for loving and giving mankind all that we enjoy, indicating the reciprocal love we have for Mother Earth,” he explained.

Adding that, the company has a plan of ensuring that 100% of its packaging will be recycled as it has already started.

He further encouraged the general public to change their attitude towards waste management and to do their best at contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for posterity.

The Assembly Member for Osu Alata Electoral Area, Hubert Kpakpo Garshong, applauded Lucozade Ghana for embarking on such massive cleanup exercise. Stressing that, the move would go a long way to contribute to the realisation of making Accra the cleaner city.

He also entreated other corporate bodies to emulate the Lucozade Ghana and help in the campaign of ensuring a clean environment.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/



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