M-Net Edge and VUZU AMP Are 2 New Premium Additions


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This month DStv audiences will be exposed to two new high-end television channels that will hit the screens in the next two weeks.  These out-of-the-ordinary additions to DStv?s Premium package will be called M-Net Edge (113) and VUZU AMP (114).

Switched-on, trendy viewers who currently enjoy VUZU, will be able to dive into the coolness and amplified experience of VUZU AMP for the first time on Tuesday 13 October at 17:00 CAT. Channel 114 on DStv will be the home of this amplified VUZU channel featuring local and international content in HD.

Then, on Tuesday 20 October at 19:00 CAT, M-Net Edge will officially launch on channel 102, as the thought provoking and more irreverent home to award-winning television. It will be a companion to flagship channel M-Net 101, known for its blockbuster and Hot off the Heels series. Due to the age restrictions linked to the programming on M-Net Edge, the channel will be on air for eleven hours only ? from 18:00 CAT in the evening until 05:00 CAT the next morning.

The revolutionary M-Net Edge line-up will feature the most critically acclaimed cult-craze series from Hollywood ? the kind of risqu? shows you would prefer not to watch with the entire family. On the October schedule, for example, you will find the eagerly awaited Emmy award-winning comedy-drama Orange is the New Black. Among the other big attractions are the brand new series Masters of Sex and Satisfaction, as well as new seasons of The Americans, Defiance and American Horror Story. VuzuAmp

VUZU AMP will kick off its mission to be the antidote to average with The Flash, which means that the channel will boast ?Express from the US? titles. The show will premiere in the US on 7 October and will make its debut shortly thereafter on VUZU Amp. Already earning a huge amount of attention in global TV-land, The Flash is based on the DC Comics character Flash, a costumed superhero crime-fighter ? and is a spin-off of Arrow.

At the time of its launch VUZU AMP will also host many season premieres of hugely popular television series, among them The Vampire Diaries, Devious Maids,  Brooklyn Nine-Nine, So You Think You Can Dance and Pretty Little Liars.

To make way for these two unprecedented channels, the current M-Net Series Showcase and M-Net Series Reality channels on DStv Premium will discontinue. Instead, the content from these channels will be found on M-Net Edge (channel 113) or VUZU AMP (channel 114). 

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