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Maame Adjoa talks about her upcoming conference in August


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After four seasons of the popular family television program, ?My Home? on Viasat 1 has rapidly become the toast of all families inside Ghana. Hosted by the adorable MAAME ADJOA O. ADOM, the show according to reports has undoubtedly healed many broken homes and brought back sanity cum smiles into different families.

Our man in Accra, we caught up with the frontrunner of the concept to shed more light on what led a young person like her into talking about marriage, relationships, family and much more complex issues at her tender age. We went further to talk about the anticipation in her camp as far as her first major family conference due on the 29th of August, 2015.

During this interview, we got to know that this lady was the brain behind the script ? ?If you were mine? as produced by BarCo Studio. Call her the ?Jane of all trade?, and you might just be right.

Let?s enjoy Maame Adjoa as she opens up on her life, passion as a TV host, a writer, and a Lawyer in no time and wait for this?she told us about her own relationship. Enjoy?


Maame, you are a very busy lady but let us start by asking you how the journey started for you.

Well, well, the journey started in a very funny way, I have a background in mathematical science and so the question I usually find people asking is why entertainment? I was in school reading maths and I was writing professional scripts and developing advertising concepts. The two paths didn?t marry in any way but I kept doing both and loving both. Now my writing passion got bad to the extent that, I remember writing stories in the exam room while exam was on going. Thank God I was a natural when it comes to studies. After university, I was challenged to write the ?MY HOME? script in a week. Wow I said marriage and relationship? Whew, okay let?s see, so first day, I sat by my desk, no show, second and third day same. Then I called my friend Nana of Tuntum media that I think I should find someone because the time he gave me to finish the script is running out and yet nothing was on my desk. He pushed me to go back to my desk. Finally on the fourth day, I said a little prayer and sat down, I typed like no one?s business and by the sixth day, I was done with a thirteen episode script – ready and done for proof reading. Every one amazed at the depth of the issues I raised in the first season right after my graduation, I went to Accra, put together a team and then off to set. I think I will leave the sweat and hurdles for later? (laughing) but in all I will say God has been good. Four seasons and a movie called ?If you were mine?.


Seems you love talking to people and elevating their relationships high; what really led you into this whole passion?

I was naturally a quite baby, a few years in entertainment has got me talking even though my team says it?s not the best. From junior secondary school upwards, I realized people found themselves attracted to me when it comes to issues concerning themselves regardless of how deep or how old they were. I don?t know whether it?s because I was a quiet child and also had no friends, no friends in the sense that, I usually chose my friends and didn?t care how you feel. Trust me a lot of people didn?t like me. Now I realized they kept coming to me with boyfriend-girlfriend issues, parents? issues, friends then the trend grew to family, relationships and marriages. Earlier I would frown but later I realized I liked to talk to them and I guess it?s because of the bright faces I see days after the advice. The ?thank you? winks and whispers gave me a sense of fulfillment so later days you found me rather probing or bringing up topics that got people to open up.


As a TV host, how much of your time does it take and how do you cope with the time taken?

I enjoy what I do, it really needs a lot of time, yourself, your crew and fans but I?m a work, work, work person so I don?t feel the amount of my time that my work takes until it takes a toll on my health that?s when I know that I have to slow down. But usually I take time out to travel and explore, relax but I still find myself writing when I?m out and supposed to be having fun.


When did you initially start the whole concept ? MY HOME?

MY HOME officially started in October 2011 then we finished filming and it started airing in September 2012.


?My Home? is gradually becoming the toast of the country, what inspired the concept?

Umph??MY HOME? like a baby woke me up at dawn, not once. I?m a thinker; thinking is my hobby so I?m not like your regular fun person. At first I ignored it and said ?yo, I?m not the one to solve marriage and family problems?, but it kept coming to me and I knew God was up to something but I said God, this is not the plan we had, I?m to go to Germany, do my masters in Biomedical engineering. I seek a few advise, I looked around me and I knew how people looked down on family, there is the trend of young people wanting to have a baby with a smart person and then commitment ends there, women and men alike, just want to have kids and take of them without the whole marriage commitment and its issues, those who managed to make it into the institution also looks out for the slightest whole that can take some part of their body and out they go. I remember doing a survey and a majority of the people aged 24-36 wanted nothing to with marriage and the others were just scared of the uncertainties of the marriage journey, on the other hand children from broken homes keeps increasing on a daily basis, I know how it feels like growing with just a parent, it takes a toll on the mental and even social development of children but most parents first think about themselves first and not the younger souls. Comparison between a child from a healthy home with two parents and one from a single parenting home pushed me the more to the journey worthy course. Questions like what is wrong with our generation? What did the older generation do that we are not doing? What did they know that we do not know? How were they able to put it all together? So I finally said, yes I can make a difference,

And by the grace of God, here we are. Touching lives, mending relationships and bringing hope to the hopeless.


You have gone through four seasons, which season or particular episode would you say was most inspiring and why?

Season 1 episode 8, it was about a teenager who had left home because her step dad was sexually abusing her and no one not veven her mum will believe her so she run out of the house and run into a lawyer lady who happened to be a lesbian. After the airing of the episode, I had a call from a seventeen year old who had same problem and was the living with a group of girls who were night workers. She didn?t like it so she called for help and I was moved with compassion.


The fifth season is about to go down, do you mind sharing with us some of the new ideas that fans should expect?

All I would say is, they just should patiently stay in tune. Updates are on our social pages every now and then, facebook.com/myhometvshow, IG: @queenb_maona IG: @myhometvshow. Myself and my team promise to bring them more exciting seasons.


So far, how have you found your experience talking with people in relationship dilemma, a worthy course to purse?

(Smiles)?Worthy course to purse, that?s a good one, trust me if it?s about the money, I would have called it quits long before now. I have come to the point where I tell my resource person and crew that ?you know I?m done, enough is enough?, but just that time, my phone rings or message beeps and someone is calling in to say thank you for putting his home or relationship to order and then I?m back on again but I believe that God will raise supporters and sponsors for this course.


Aside airing on one particular television station, have your team thought of making your show go on other stations (even internationally)?

Yes we have plans of hitting a DSTV channel soon and also another local channel


What has been some of your biggest challenges in keeping this TV show rolling?

Funding, crew punctuality, I hate late comers (rolls eyes), and getting real people to come on the show to share experience, people like to talk about their issues but in close doors so I usually use dummy acts.


You are extending your television program to an event; let?s talk about your forth coming conference on the 29th of August, 2015?

It?s a closer platform for the followers of the show. Apostle Paul said ?come lets reason together?, so we want to come together and reason together on the issues of the family – God?s first institution.


Why did you choose that theme, ?Gathering of Homemakers??

Basically because it takes home-makers to make family, thus, a society


Let us talk briefly about the individual guest speakers that will be talking to the audience, tell us about them.

Michael Boadi Nyamekye (PhD), he is the founder of The Makers House chapel international. He has two MBA?s, a PhD; He is preacher of the gospel of Jesus, a loving husband to a sweet wife and great father.

Majid Michel, he is an actor, a philanthropist, a sweet and dedicated family man. Who believes in the Marriage institution and believes it has to be preserved for the next generation.

Kweku Adumatta, he is the CEO of Zane investment ltd, he is a life coach, a counselor and analyst, a faithful family man.

Then finally the sweet Mrs Krobo-Edusei Benson, wife that any man would choose any day any time, a mother that every child will vote for anytime. She is a listener and gives solid and practical advises.


What should invited guests expect at the conference?

They should come to the theater with all their marriage and relationship ailments, God through analytical wisdom given to the speakers has an antidote to it all and we will solve it together at the gathering. A practical forum, we will have fun and learn to keep a solid and healthy home


Being your first major conference, what are your expectations as the host, though you have had a successful four seasons on TV; do you envisage a smooth sail?

It gets scary but my bible says, with God all things are possible so together with my dedicated team, we are looking at a brighter day.


You are also a student who is about to become a lawyer soon, how do you cope with the busy schedule of having meetings, putting together your scripts for your show and then learning as a student?

Okay so I have been bad with scheduling, I mean law school, and production and a fashion house? it?s crazy. I do the stuff as and when they come, I won?t go home without finishing what?s on my agenda, that?s how stubborn I can get with work but just yesterday, I was advised to schedule not just my work and school but also myself so I?m hoping to give a better answer the next time we meet.


Having spoken to hundreds of persons in different relationship spheres, tell us one advice you have ever given someone that you have felt a deep sense of bliss within you?

I once told a couple, ?? to find the spark you once had, go back and look for some goodness in your partner and adore the kingship in each other?.


You have a special love for kids, what is the connection?

Truth is I never used to like kids but they always find themselves coming to me, I was always petty about a child puking in my dress and so I would rather wave at a kid than pick him up but my mum kept saying, kids love you, return that love and I started taking the hard pill, I started children?s ministry teaching and now here I am a mother of many. I love them and they adore me. So next time you see me coming around your child hide him because you might end up going home childless?hahahhaha


Tell us what factors that have contributed to the success as a person.

Be dedicated, focused, consistent, practical and prayerful


Before we leave, we would love to know how you cope with your personal relationship looking at the way you handle other people?s own.

I have been blessed with a wonderful partner.

Source – Bossu Kule, GhJoy.Net

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