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Macedonians residing in Bulgaria add their voice to Anti-Macedonia Name Negotiations

Macedonia Campaign
Macedonia Campaign

The latest Our Name Is Macedonia billboards contain a message to Macedonians in the Republic of Macedonia from oppressed Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia saying – “Do not take away my name and identity”.

“We are struggling to attain our basic human rights and recognition as who we are – Macedonians. Bulgaria does not recognize our existence and persecutes us based solely on our Macedonian ethnic origin. If the Republic of Macedonia changes its name, it will change the name and identity of Macedonians throughout the whole world. As is the case with the anti-Macedonian “Friendship Agreement”, this step will only assist Bulgaria in attaining its goal of wiping out the existence of Macedonians”, stated Gjorgi Hristov, Editor-in-Chief of the Macedonian newspaper in Bulgaria “Narodna Volja”.

“Even if we forget the simple fact that neither Greece nor any one else has any right to demand a change of name for the Republic of Macedonia, the “negotiations” have clearly shown that what Greece really wants is to change the Macedonian identity. Both Greece and Bulgaria, through their highest representatives, have unambiguously stated that Macedonia (if it changes its name) may enter European institutions, but not “Macedonianism”, a concept they use to label Macedonian identity. However, our name and identity cannot be negotiated”, stated Ivan Singartiski, Co-Chairman of OMO Ilinden Pirin.

Over the past two decades, the United Nations, US State Department, European Court of Human Rights, European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance and Human Rights Watch, among others, have concluded that Greece and Bulgaria have consistently violated the rights of the Macedonians in those countries and have demanded that Greece and Bulgaria immediately recognize their Macedonian minorities.

This support occurred because Macedonians in the neighbouring countries, with the assistance of MHRMI, are defending their right to exist and have appealed to the international community to defend their basic human rights, in accordance with all universally accepted and ratified conventions on human rights.
Stojan Gerasimov , President of the Association of Repressed Macedonians in Bulgaria, who himself spent five years in jail because of his Macedonian identity has made the following appeal:

“Macedonians in the Republic of Macedonia- you have to fight in the same way that we are fighting. End the name negotiations and the world will support you for doing so. Defend yourselves and you will be defended. Our Name Is Macedonia. Demand respect for it and you will get it.”

— Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI)

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  1. More racist horsest-t by extremist Bill Nicholov. MHRMI is basically a front for extreme nationalist that manipulate human rights as a smokescreen to promote irredentism against several nations.

    Extremists are fighting to protect their fake historical narrative as an “ancient Macedonians” not human rights. If they were interested in ethics and the fact they wouldn’t shamelessly hide their ethnic BUlgarian heritage and pretend to be “Macedonians”.

  2. This alleged “news’ source is embarrassing itself by posting verbattiim propaganda by Skopian extreme nationalists. Black people have historical been a target of bigotry. Shame on you for giving fanatic BIll Nicholov free reign to spread his ethnic hatred of Greeks and Bulgarians.

  3. Greek is a troll.
    Just google “Treaty of Lausanne” and “Population Exchange between Greece and Turkey” to see why these Pontian-Greeks do not want to lose Macedonia to Macedonians… because 1.2-1.5mil (+ their generational descendants) have only been there since 1922-1923!

    Macedonian for the Macedonians!

  4. Lose Macedonian to the Macedonians. You aren’t Macedonians, the world knows you are Slavs. You aren’t even North Macedonians, that’s an offense to true Macedonians (Greeks)

  5. Yes Macedonian for the Macedonians. That’s why your government removed Alexandros name, Philips name, and other ancient Macedonian glories. The game is up Vulgaro, Skopje has come clean, maybe you should stop living a deluded life.


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