Mental Ill
Mental Ill

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Pheeew, He starred at the deep thick yellowish phlegm that had come out of his mouth and landed on the floor, missing someone just by few inches.

Yes, he hit his chest proudly.

For every step he took, he made sure to bless mother earth with his sweet smelling lavender spittle. Of course on days he got generous he spewed saliva from his mouth right in between his tooth.

For ages a brush has not been held to his tooth.

Apart from days he calls unlucky when rain water touches his skin, water has not touched his skin in ages.

His hair is bushy in all places, you know what I mean. Of course no Barber would dare hold a razor to his hair.

He needs no body guard to part ways for him where ever he goes; the everlasting body odour alone does the job.

He needs no cash to buy any food of his choice from the food vendors along the streets, needless he joins the queue.

Just by showing his face and he gets served else the food vendor risks losing her customers.

 The illegal tenant at the roundabout, his territory you dare not come over to remove the dirty brown cloth he uses as a door to his palace.

His worse enemies, School Children.

They simply make him sick with their annoying piercing teasing tunes daily.

At the sound of the nearby school bell, and his eyes turn red, he readies his stick for the bravest of the children who gets closer  than the others.

He runs after them but lays hold of none, they are too fast for his agile limbs.

Sometimes he moves out of  his round about palace  and goes for a stroll, with his heavy dirty brown duffel bag made out of rugs .

He’s got about five such bags on his person, his earthly possession, he dares not leave them at the palace else thieves would come for them.

Who is he?

He is the mad man next door.

Neglected by family and church, with no one to cater for him.

They are all over our streets.

#one mad man, one roundabout

#Help get them off our streets

By: Ghana/ Oppong


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