Madagascar ruling, opposition parties both hold gatherings to express opinions

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The ruling and opposition parties both held assemblies Saturday in two different areas in Antananarivo, the Madagascar’s capital city.

About ten kilometers at the north of city, in the coliseum of Antsonjombe, Madagascar’s ruling party Hery Vaovaon’I Madagasikara (HVM, new force of Madagascar) gathered their supporters to show that many people in the country need peace and hate the trouble in all forms.

The opposition led by the parliament members supporting the former president Marc Ravalomanana and former transitional president Andry Rajoelina continued their daily assembly at the historic May-13-square in Antananarivo city center to pursue their demand — the dismissing of Madagascar’s President Hery Rajaonarimampianina.

Meanwhile, both sides took advantage of famous singers to attract supporters.

As the famous Malagasy singer Rossy, who is among the parliament members of the opposition, gave free concert for their supporters, the ruling party paid the famous singer Lola to be present. Both broadcast an advertisement some days before to call the crowds join them on Saturday.

The opposition chose a strait area of the May-13-square and could fill it with about 5,000 supporters. However, the ruling party could not fill the coliseum which can accommodate 50,000 people. Only about 10 percent of the coliseum was filled and they finished their gathering early around two hours before that of opposition.

The difference of the two camps was their speeches. “We do not need other thing. We need only that the president is dismissed. Because he and his team are thieves and corrupted,” Tinoka Roberto, one of the parliament members who led the opposition, said.

Rossy, another parliament member of the May-13-square was more temperate in his speech. “We thank to the HCC for accepting our demand. But we will not stop our fight before Rajaonarimampianina is out. We will punish him at the election because Ravalomanana and Rajoelina will compete the second round of the election. Whatever the result of the election, May-13-square will agree it if Rajaonarimampianina fails.”

For the ruling party, the president of the HVM Rivo Rakotovao wants to spread appeasement by saying that “Rajaonarimampianina is owned to all Malagasy people. We respect republican value. We respect the law. We will come to show wisely to all Malagasy people that we are the most numerous.”

There were no confrontation between supporters of the two camps and the armed forces were seen nearby the two areas. Enditem


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