Mahama Ayariga accused of open bias as Kusasis keep killing Bissas in Bawku

Mahama Ayariga
Mahama Ayariga

The Bissa Development Association (BDA) has blamed the MP for Bawku Central Mahama over his open bias toward Bissa victims amid the Kusasi-Mamprisu conflicts.

It comes after fresh reports of the murder of a Bissa man on Friday night, a situation the BDA has vehemently condemned.

Mr Braimah Moro, known in public life as Kufuor Moro, was gruesomely attacked by Kusasi criminals at Nware, a village near Pusiga.

He was one of two Bissas who were attacked after the Kusasis received death threats on their lives.

In a media statement condemning the murder of Bissas who are not interested parties in the conflict, the BDA further said it is “observing with keen interest how the arrested Kusasi suspect his collaborators will be treated by the security forces and the law enforcement agencies.”

The development wing of the Bissa people, however, believes Mahama Ayariga’s lack of showing sympathy to the many Bissa victims is regrettable and reminded the Hon. Mahama Ayariga that a significant number of Bissa voters contribute to making him an MP.

Below is the full statement.

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Friends from the Media,
All peace-loving Ghanaians
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with a heavy heart that the Bissa Development Association (BDA) issues this press statement to condemn the gruesome attack on two Bissas leading to the death of an innocent young man, Mr. Braimah Moro, aka Kufuor Moro at Nware, a village near Pusiga at about 7:30pm on Friday, 17th February, 2023.

The attackers, who are said to be Kusasi young men from Sabongari, a suburb of Bawku tracked their victims who hail from Pusiga but were on a visit to Nware and laid ambush in a river. They opened fire on the two Bissa men who were crossing the river. The attack left the two victims seriously injured, but unfortunately, Braimah Moro died on the way to hospital.

The sound of the gunfire attracted residents of the Nware community who are predominantly Bissas. The brave Bissa youth came out to pursue the attackers and managed to arrest one of them with the other managing to escape. The Bissa youth had every opportunity to lynch the attacker, but as peace loving as the Bissa community is known for, he was handed over to the security forces.

It is of interest to note that there were several threats on the life of Braimah Moro from a certain Kusaug Intelligence Centre, alleging that Moro, a national security officer, was giving false information leading to the arrest of Kusasis in Pusiga. In the words of the said post, “he must not escape!!!”.

The BDA condemns in no uncertain terms, this cowardly attack by these two alleged Kusasi youth that led to the death of our brother, Braimah Moro. We recall sadly a similar attack by unknown gunmen on December 24, 2022 on a Bissa family at Winamzua, Bawku, which killed 5 persons and left two women in a critical condition. The Police must stretch their investigations to establish a correlation, if any, between the murder of Moro and that of many Bissas who were targeted and executed in similar style.

The BDA further notes with serious concerns, the open bias exhibited by the Honourable Mahama Ayariga, MP for Bawku Central towards Bissa victims. The MP never found it necessary to even express a word of sympathy or condolences towards the victims and family of the Winamzua massacre. It is interesting however to see our Honourable MP condemning seriously, the killing of some Kusasi youth by the military. Whiles we are not in principle, against the MP defending his people, we are sad that Hon. Ayariga only finds it convenient to do so when the victims are Kusasis. We wish to remind our Hon. MP that a significant number of Bissa voters contributed to making him an MP. Therefore, Bissa lives matter!

The BDA and the entire Bissa community is observing with keen interest how this suspect and his collaborators in the murder of Braima Moro will be treated by the security forces and the law enforcement agencies. We urge them to protect the suspect from any harm and ensure that due process is followed. The outcome of this matter will have repercussions on how the peace loving Bissa community will treat criminals of such nature. May the death of Braimah Moro, the Winamzua massacre and those of many Bissas through the wicked hands of unknown gunmen never be in vain.

Thank you.

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