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President Mahama has cautioned against blame games at this time when lives and properties have been lost and families of victims and the survivors of the June 3rd and 4th flood and fire disasters are still mourning and counting their losses.

He has urged everybody to get on board to help the government find lasting solution to the recurrent flooding problem in Accra that engulfs the nation almost on yearly bases.

Speaking at the National Memorial Service for the Flood and Fire Disaster victims at a ceremony held at the forecourt of the State House on Wednesday, President Mahama indicated that it was not the time for apportioning blames as to who did what or did not do what, but rather the time to find solutions.

? Blame games are unnecessary at this time. What past governments may have done or not done are not necessary. What is important is what this government will do and is doing.? He said.

The President reiterated the fact that government is taking up the cost for all medical expenses of the victims of the twin disasters of the flood and fire that engulfed the Goil filling station and its surroundings at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

It has been estimated that about 200 people lost their lives and an unspecified amount of people have sustained different levels of injuries and are undergoing treatment in some of the major hospitals in Accra even though some have claimed that they are not receiving the attention they deserve and are also footing their own bills.

He also acknowledged the receipt of medical supplies worth $ 50,000 Dollars from the countries neighbours, Togo and Cote d?Ivoire and another cash donation of $150, 000 Dollars from another West African neighbour, Senegal.

Source: Clement Akoloh, Spynewsagency


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