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Mahama & Otumfuo: What do they have in common?

From empirical observations, one will simply put up their hands to answer in the affirmative when posed the question, ?Are Asantehene and President Mahama truly buddies??
1.1529689Presuming they are, what are the benefits of being friends with one another? Is their friendship the situation of ?gyimi na me ne won sere??- One taking the other for fool so that their friendship will last? If not, I cannot just get my head around the type of amity between both, for obvious reasons.
Yes, Asantehene is allowed the courtesy of flying about in the presidential aircraft, it is alleged. He may have hilarious chats with the President as and when they want. They may have private accord or concur on issues of personal interests to them. What else?
Prior to proceeding any further, one important question must be addressed, else all my attempts to rationalise this cordial relationship between them will be fruitless. Does Asantehene have the collective interest of his Ashanti subjects at heart and at the forefront of his interactions with President Mahama, his friend? He is only the best person to respond to the question. However, the readers can make their individual opinions on the question known. They are absolutely entitled to their opinions however sweet or sour they appear.
Since the second advent of the NDC to the presidency or power, there has been an implementation of policy to systematically side-line the Ashantis from playing any major role in the administration of the country. Not only that, they have a hidden agenda to impoverish the Ashantis, if not gradually to reduce their population through what may be secret but crafty exterminable policies.
The Ashantis will bear me out on the lethal effect of the NHS CAPITATION PILOT SCHEME on trial in Ashanti region on them for the past two years. What has become a deadly trap is only on implementation in the Ashanti region. Since its introduction, only God knows the number of patients that have fallen victims to it.
All essential developments started by the NPP in the region have maliciously been put on hold. No new ones of NDC brand have either been started. The reason assigned to this devilish intention by the NDC government is, the Ashantis do not vote for them in their majority during elections.
How many of the Ashantis do we have in the Mahama NDC-led government? Just a few or none, yet Asantehene is the best friend of Mahama. What type of friendship that is? Or, is it a situation of Asantehene personally benefiting from the NDC government without bothering about the collective welfare of his subjects?
If he was Mahama?s best friend and caring enough, he could ask him (Mahama) to assist the Ashanti region but he is not doing that. Could it be a matter of Asantehene simply being selfish, wicked, callous and nonchalant towards his own subjects? I am not sure that is his intention. How then can his actions be explained away?
Asantehene and President Mahama may not be real friends but simply pretending to, for the sake and purposes of protocol, I should think. However if they are, then I expect Asantehene using that special leverage to obtain certain things for Ashanti region. Among them are the following:
*No more segregation at work places against the Ashantis or Akan name-bearing persons
*No more discrimination or positive discrimination against Ashantis when recruiting into the public services, e.g. army, police and other security forces.
*No more singling out Ashanti region to suffer the ravages of NHS Capitation
*No more aspiring to introduce PAY-AS-YOU-GO water metring to only Ashanti region
*No more side-lining the Ashantis when President Mahama is appointing Government Ministers
*No more seeking to subjugate the Ashantis as it is currently the policy in pursuance by the NDC government.
I expect better for the Ashanti region from the purported close friendship between Asantehene and President Mahama.
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