Lead organiser for Native Crown Ernest Dawuni

The Lead organiser for Native Crown Ernest Dawuni, has called on all konkomba youth across the country to demonstrate pride and confidence as a people.

Speaking at the launching of the Maiden Edition at the Avenida Hotel, Adabraka Accra on Sunday 8th September, 2019, he said:

“I am confident that by your presents today, the history of our land shall be rewritten. We are aware about what many have done, very commendable and worth acknowledging, however, no so much has ever been too much.

This is the day the lord has made; a day to mark the beginning of another generation of game changers. A day to remind ourselves as a people that “kitaak nan pe woln gban, kinyeek mu mue ngban”.”

He argued that konkombas have been hidden for long and that it was time to be heard for their impacts in societal developments.

“Our people have been in self slavery a for longtime, we have been blinded, covered and used as perpetrators for wrongful activities.

For lack of knowledge and for low self-esteem, we have even become slaves under our own servants.

It is time to wake up like sleeping giants and claim what truly belong to us,” he observed.

In admonishing, he established that the responsibility to make people see the hard works of konkombas, lies in them “There’s need to rekindle the confidence in ourselves, for the current and the next generations of Nkpakpaando.
We are the people to talk about ourselves. No one knows us better than ourselves.

We know where we come from, we must discover where we are going, if not yet, and design what it will take us to get there”, he ended.

Addressing the gathering during the official launching, Apostle Dr. Michael Kopah retired, and currently a lecturer at the Pentecost University College, challenged young people to bring out more creative ideas to help develop the people.

He claimed that konkomba people have more to offer and that it was time to wake up and make it happen. “I didn’t even know there was poetry in the Likpakpaln language, you have impressed me, I look forward for more of these, because we have very great, beautiful and handsome young people amongst you”.

He called on all gathered to offer their efforts in making the idea a reality.

The chairman of the occasion, Mr. Kenneth Wujanji, Former Deputy chief of Staff (2016) and CEO of Radio kitawoln in Saboba, also advised the people to cherish, value and be more passionate about development programs such as these.

He said it is not nice to only be mentioned as a people when there is conflict, but “let us show the world our worth and let people see who we are and the beauty of our culture”, he concluded.

About eight konkomba leaders received citation from 1up Media presented by Ernest Dawuni.

“We are excited to have all these great people to be part of an occasion like this. This is to indicate our appreciation for all the services these people have done to get Nkpakpaando this far, as young people we are happy to be part of your blessing,” he said.

The awardees included Mr. Kenneth Wujanji, Apostle Dr. Michael Kopah, Dr. F. T. Djankpa, Mr. Noah Nmonkume Gmageh, Dr. B. B. Bingab, Dr. Samuel Nkumbaan, Dr. Richmond Sadick Ngula, Dr. Joseph K. Rockson – Mamboah, Madam Alima Nsanyaan Bingo.

Amongst other dignitaries present were Dr. B. B. Bingab, Senior lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba, Madam Alima Nsanyaan Bingo, founder and president of Konkomba Ladies Network (KONLAN), Mr. Noah Nmonkume Gmageh, chairman of the Agbogbloshie Yam Market, Mr. Raymond Ntanan, CEO of Globalink Cooperative, representatives of Konkomba Youth Association (KOYA), Konkomba Students Union (KONSU), Ghana Youth Movement (GYM) and more.

The Native Crown is an initiative of 1up Media designed to crown one person as the “Ambassador for all Konkombas” for development, advocacy and empowerment.

The actual event takes place in December 2019.


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