Make buying local your New Year resolution


Entrepreneurship has been said to be the much-needed solution to tackling the high unemployment rate. Other than creating jobs, entrepreneurs and small business owners are important to the country as a whole as they add to the economy.

The highlights that supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses means buying locally. This helps improve the country’s economy, contributes to developing a stronger job market, and aids in rebuilding local businesses. Proudly South African Chief Executive Officer Eustace Mashimbye added that if South Africans buy locally manufactured goods, this could add up to two percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

There is no time like the present to support our own, we need committed proud South Africans to take action through their purses and wallets to help create jobs and support our local economy.

According to Thabang Moye founder of Ourlives Marketplace, other ways to support proudly mzansi brands, entrepreneurs, and SMMEs are platforms such as Ourlives Marketplace. “The digital marketplace has made finding local brands online easier and more convenient for everyone. It also gives local brands and businesses a platform to showcase their products and services. The platform is a trusted destination for local brands and makes it easier to access small businesses thus improving their digital footprint and increasing their reach.” Says Moye.

As part of the #SupportLocalBusinesses initiative, Moye says that supporting local businesses:

• Will help to grow and sustain the local economy.
• Ploughs back into the community
• It adds to local investments,
• Shows confidence in proudly Mzansi brands
• Helps to create jobs

Ourlives Marketplace is about supporting local brands and helping to create and maintain jobs by helping them succeed. Moye add that he encourages people to do their bit to support proudly mzansi businesses.

Entrepreneurship benefits more than just the entrepreneurs.

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