Malawi is working to boost permanent fish production and marketing to ensure easy access by consumers and access in the country, an official has said.

The government is looking at an ecosystem approach that will bring down the cost of fish by promoting aquaculture for small farmers who use dams and technologies to produce fish for the farming, said Patrick Chikungwa, Director of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Ministry Agriculture, Irrigation and Water.

He told Xinhua that Malawi government has put in place mechanisms to regulate and monitor fishing in Lake Malawi.

There is need for Malawi to invest in sustaining fisheries from the lakes and other aquatic resources in the country for Malawi to increase its fish supply in the county and for export, said Michael Philips, Director of Aquacultuer ad Fisheries Science at WorldFish.

“Malawi needs to develop sustainable supply of fish seed and fish feed as well as the capacity of people be able to manage the fish farms effectively.” he said.

A recent report from the ministry of agriculture shows that fish production has registered a decrease from 202,092 metric tonnes to 169,140 metric tonnes. This is due to low catches, migration of fish and severe water stress. Enditem



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