Malta Guinness Outdoors ‘Cheers To Ghana’ Campaign

Cheers To Ghana

Malta Guinness, Ghana’s leading non-alcoholic malt beverage brand, has reaffirmed its commitment to creating a ‘World of Good’ through the launch of an initiative aimed at the celebration of Ghana’s rich heritage manifested in its arts, food, culture, and tourism.

The campaign is dubbed ‘Cheers to Ghana’ campaign. Marketing Manager for Malta Guinness, Dinah Adu-Asare notes, “we believe in creating a World of Good, and celebrating Ghana month is one of the ways we can achieve this.

Malta Guinness is made by Ghanaians, for Ghanaians and in Ghana. The ‘Cheers to Ghana’ campaign is aimed at celebrating the farmers who have supported us and played a pivotal role in bringing Malta Guinness to millions of Ghanaians by providing us with raw materials. It is also to celebrate the many Ghanaians who have made us a part of their lives and celebrations for over 30 years.

With this initiative, we have partnered several events to showcase the rich Ghanaian culture and connect more to our consumers and our roots as Ghanaians to promote Ghana to the world.”

In the spirit of promoting ‘Made in Ghana’ and celebrating Ghana Month, Malta Guinness has also launched Malta Guinness Cocoa which is a limited edition variant to bring more excitement to our celebrations in this season.

“As a product made in Ghana, from Ghanaian raw materials, by Ghanaians for Ghanaians, Malta Guinness is also using the ‘Cheers to Ghana’ campaign to promote Made in Ghana, celebrate Ghanaian experiences and support local brands and businesses. This year, Malta Guinness kicked off the ‘Cheers to Ghana’ campaign with the Greenstreet Waakye Fiesta, Heritage Caravan, Gob3 Festival and Waakye Summit. Attendees participated in exciting activities including trivia on Ghana and Malta Guinness.”

Other upcoming events include an International Women’s Day event highlighting the works and contributions of Ghanaian Women in Film and Production, Ghana Food Bazaar among others.

For the past 33 years, Malta Guinness has provided millions of Ghanaians from all walks of life with refreshing goodness and vitality, creating memorable experiences and promoting Ghana’s rich, diverse culture. Anytime you pick a Malta Guinness can or bottle with the ‘Made in Ghana’ symbol, know that you are supporting the Ghanaian heritage and say ‘Cheers to Ghana’.

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