A popular 70-old-woman at Sefwi-Penakrom, Adjoa Anani, was at the weekend allegedly murdered by her 27-year-old grandson, who accused her of being the cause of his poverty and endless problems.

The suspect, Nana Yaw Simon Mensah, after killing her grandmother, called his girlfriend, who was then asleep in one of the rooms they shared with the deceased, and told her that he had killed his grandmother.

The suspect then warned his girlfriend not to tell anybody or she would be the next victim.

Mensah is said to have added that he would himself inform the elders of the community that his grandmother died peacefully in her sleep.

The police said when the elders went and opened the door, the old lady was found lying dead on the floor, with the club used in killing her by her side. Her face, head and the upper part of her lips were swollen, with blood oozing from her mouth and nose.

The police said when Mensah realised that his girlfriend had not abided by the warning, he allegedly attempted to kill himself by drinking a concoction. But it did not work and he was rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

They said the suspect, who had some cases already pending, later confessed that he had killed his grandmother for invoking several curses on him which he felt were the cause of his poverty.

The suspect told the police that the only way he thought he could end his predicament was to eliminate his grandmother for him to gain his freedom.

On the night of the incident, the police said, Mensah had gone home late and knocked on his grandmother?s door but she refused to allow him entry.

After a brief interaction with his grandmother, Mensah was able to convince her that his girlfriend, who had been very helpful to her, was sick and that he needed some painkillers for her.

The police said because the girlfriend had been helpful to the old lady, the latter opened the door to give him the painkiller for the girlfriend.

The Western Regional Crime Officer, Chief Superintendent James Kofi Abraham, confirmed the story and said unfortunately for the old lady, Mensah used that as a bait to kill her.

After opening the door, the suspect hit the old lady?s head twice, sending her crashing to the floor and died before the following morning.

The crime officer said Mensah later confessed to the murder, saying that when the suspect was discharged from hospital, he would be arraigned for the law to take its course.

Source-Daily Graphic


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