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Man Pulls Down 12 Bedroom House @ Nungua At Night

The Property Was Completely Raed Down
The Property Was Completely Raed Down

The Adjetey family in Nungua are being faced with a difficult situation as their family house was pulled down by a man named Kamaru.

Samuel Adjetey Adjei, known as Rasta and an administrator of the property, revealed that the demolition happened on the night of October 16 this year without any court order or warrant.

Rasta said, “I was away when I got a call that an excavator was demolishing our family home. When we got there, the house was already destroyed.”

He explained that their father passed away in 1995 and left the house for him and his siblings.
“We are 12 in number, and I am responsible for the property. I rushed to the site with my siblings, and we saw the excavator driver and some of his workers. We then rushed to the police station where they were arrested and interrogated.

“We are still in shock and surprised that someone could take the law into their hands and commit such a cruel act,” Rasta added.

He also mentioned, “when we got to the site, the machine operator and his group mentioned a person named Kamaru who claims to have bought the property from someone in our family as having be the one who contracted them to pull down the building”.

Mr Adjetey said he being the administrator has no idea of having sold the house to anyone. “We have not given anyone permission to sell our property and neither have we sold our property to anybody. We even wrote ‘Property not for sale’ on the house, but this Kamaru man, along with some land guards, demolished the building in the middle of the night.”

Rasta continued, “This person who pulled down the building says he has a land title certificate for our property. We are baffled how the Lands Commission could grant a title for land in a prime area like this without proper verification. I am the property’s administrator, and I have no knowledge of selling or intending to sell our property. A careful look at the document the Kamaru guy is holding proves he has forged a document to steal our property.

Samuel Adjetey hopes the case will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. He emphasized, “This house is our inheritance from our father, a 12-bedroom family house. We won’t allow someone to unlawfully take it from us with the help of criminal agents associated with the Lands Commission.”

Some of Rasta’s siblings also expressed their determination not to sell their father’s property to anyone.
Madam Theodora Adjetey Adjei added, “We, the siblings, planned to renovate the house and rent it out. We all agreed on this, but we received a distress call that our property was being demolished. We examined the document Kamaru claims to have, and it’s all fake and forged.”

The family blames the Lands Commission for allowing an illegal document to be used for land registration. They call on the government to scrutinize the actions of the Lands Commission, which they believe contributes to land disputes in the country.

They also criticize the property fraud unit for being slow in their investigations and demand swift action against the suspect.

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