Man with jihadist connection propagating to be member of US Army

Court Martialed military officer falsely pretends to be member of the US Army
Court Martialed military officer falsely pretends to be member of the US Army

In Bangladesh social media network, photographs of a local is drawing the attraction of hundreds of people as he is making claims of being a member of the United States Army, while he reportedly tells some of the members of his inner circle that he actually is working as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

According to the Special Branch of Bangladesh Police, the name of this person is Rezaul Karim, who was court-martialed and sacked from military service in 2009, for participating in jihadist activities. Before being sacked, he was a Captain of the Bangladesh Army.

Since younghood Karim got affiliated with the student front of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh (JB) and was allegedly spreading radical Islam amongst his colleagues in the army.

His father, Moslem Gazi was an officer of the Bangladesh Navy. Since his retirement, Gazi founded a madrassa named Chalshiya Hafizia Madrassa (Chalshiya Koranic Madrassa) in Jessore district. Intelligence agencies are suspecting this madrassa to be one of the breeding grounds of jihadists. Currently, there are approximately 40 students in this madrassa, who receive physical and commando training inside the highly restricted compound. Rezaul Karim, who was a member of the para-commando unit in the army is assigned to giving such training to the students.

Regarding Karim’s false claim of being a member of the US Army, counterterrorism experts are expressing utter surprise as making such false claim in the social media platforms would very easily catch the attention of people.

The Special Branch source said Karim might have been doing this as a trap with the ulterior motive of attracting local females. The source added saying, Karim has so far married four women and had physical relations with dozens.

Another source in Bangladesh Police said, Rezaul Karim most possibly is connected to Pakistani spy agency ISI and he may even have connections with Joish-e-Mohammad, as his activities in Dhaka is suspicious and dubious enough.

Synthia Rozario is the former correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.

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