Manasseh?s Folder: Omane Boamah may be lying unless?


Manasseh Azuri Awuni

Manasseh Azuri Awuni

Greetings Manasseh,

I have taken time to read over and over your article responding to the interview the Communication Minister Dr Omane Boamah granted some Radio stations in the capital and find it necessary expressing my opinion on the matter. Let me premise my response with a candid advice to you as a young man coming up with huge potential.Your clever way of describing the Minister as a serial caller is unfortunate if even you have concrete evidence to support your sceptic position, basic virtues do not support use of such unsavoury description.The caption of your article suggest uncertainty so,based on which empirical evidence are you denigrating the honourable Minister.

A working journalist naturally develops a hard core of scepticism from his knowledge and experience of men and of affairs he learns not always to take things at their face value, to to probe beneath the surface,to analyse what he finds in a story, and to draw his own conclusions. Basically, I think a good journalist must be accustomed to asking questions of himself as well as others, he must develope the toughness that is proof alike against flattery and bullying and must not be impressed by the great merely on account of their greatness, nor should anyone or anything, however small,beneath his notice merely on account of smallness. As a journalist who struggled to win that precious award and narrating your own story which touched hearts,we all expected your to dwell on the middle line to help better our democracy but what are we seeing? Deep display of arrogance and insolence.

Under pressure,we easily make mistakes when making calls, even the sharp ones amongst us make such simple mistakes,marriage men and women fall into trouble through these mistakes.This is not a unique case to attract the hypothesis you captured in your piece.Are you shocked. Have you forgotten that women we killed in this country because of elections? Have you forgotten that voices were captured on tape planning to litter our streets with dead bodies because of elections. By the way,are you per your analogy telling us you do not have trusted friends you share sensitive information with? And who told you we are all smart when it comes to voice detection. Have you done your checks to authenticate or otherwise, the message which followed the voice call?. I expect you to check all the points enumerated before embarking on your insults agenda.

You have per your analogy on old age, at least confirmed position held by many a Ghanaian that,old age is associated with certain natural challenges including inability to simply use your gadgets. You were amongst those who challenged that position but today per your analogy telling us the old ones are ineffective. The mistake we usually do is,we usually assume that all human being have same attributes common with us, that is very dangerous,we have very careless people around,people who attach less diligence to things they do so, to base your analogy any reasons to insult on how you think should be the natural order, is unscientific and childish.Remember it is about image and reputation. I don?t think the regional minister and all other executives of the NDC will simply engage in anything mischievous for political convenience at the expense of their reputation.

I will come back but my brother,this I know all attitude can easily destroy the finest in you.Politics yes,but we must also look at life outside politics.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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