We have followed with keen interest postings and articles by some known journalists on social media and finds necessary unearthing certain unethical elements captured in these write ups. Writers have to first consider the type of audience they are addressing and must be particular about the accuracy of their facts.The object must not be one to conquer the masses through misrepresentation of facts, and inciting your readers against the establishment, or, a particular person you have issues with. Any write up which does not further the process of positive education but hinders it is bad and unethical.


Manessah Azure a young man who emerged onto our media landscape with touch and sweat fragrance has suddenly turned an instrument for the propagation of falsehoods and partisan outburst. His modus operandi now is;simply to weaken and discourage us by saying anything at all that he can thinking of to arouse dissension among us,to make us lose faith in our leaders and even lose confidence in ourselves. He praised the Honourable Communication Minister Edward Omane Boamah in one of his articles describing the young man as down to earth and hardworking only to run him down in his next paragraph all because, he has failed as a journalist to find for his readers action taken by the MoC concerning that text message found in the message box of the Upper East Regional Minister.The National Communication Authority has furnished the MoC with the name registered to the number and as demanded by prudent administrative procedure, the Regional Minister has received all the needed information for further action. Manasseh has been fed with this information but mischievously creates the impression of not being aware of this action. Administratively, the minister does not report to a particular journalist.

Manessah has taken this tough position against his own friend the minister and some young appointees working at the Presidency based on the perception that,these guys facilitated the victory of a Lady during the last best journalist contest. This is not only baseless, but an infantile disposition to take with all his academic background. We am happy he described the honourable minister with those fine words.We must endeavour to encourage officers of state who have sworn to depart from the primeval status quo to identify themselves with the people and to work towards improving their situation.

Manasseh sent text messages to some noted persons who incessantly attack the minister to challenge and chastise him on the?issue. He began the onslaught move himself with a publication in his folder attacking the minister only to be exposed after just 24 hours after his rant and insults.

Manessah rained praises to eulogize Komla Dumor, we read his articles on the media icon we herein challenge him to exhibit traits which made Komla the icon he was proud of.It may sound unethical if we also publish information gathered about you on your dealings with persons like late David Lamptey and GIMPA as an institution and how prepared you were to rundown the masters you serving today. That wouldn?t be a fair move because we?ve not gathered facts from your side but we just want to remind you that, human as we are,our ears will continue to consume some of these falsehoods it will only take a balanced mind to scrutinize some of these stories.

The national media commission must start putting its lenses on these journalists turned instruments for propagating hate and dissension.


Coordinator,?Readers Digest Club

Source: spynewsagency.com


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