Mango Pulls Off Its ?Slave Style? Necklaces From Its French E-Commerce Site


Mango France

From a white model being painted as black to Spanish fast-fashion retailer Mango advertising a line of ?slave style? necklaces on its French e-commerce site, how much more ridicule do black people have to take from these western companies?

It is painful enough to have such a dreadful past and each day as we struggle through life as black people, we are consistently reminded of slavery by the countless setbacks.

Are these not enough? Why must western companies continue to ridicule us for the harm caused and even ?legally? attempt to cash in on our anguish?

If you?ve not heard of this already?Spanish fast-fashion retailer Mango has been forced to pull down black and gold necklaces which they were selling on their French e-commerce website. They described these necklaces ?slave style??

Mango has managed to put up a silly excuse, saying the screw-up was as a result of translation error. However, several shocked and outraged customers have tweeted that they do not believe the excuse.

Some French actresses have started an online petition with the tagline ?Slavery is not fashion? which now has more than 5,000 signatures. You can sign it too?These things must end!

Slave Necklace Mango

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