Mankessim Catholic A and B primary schools encourage students to stand against corruption

Social Day Commemoration
Social Day Commemoration

Professor Mark Nii Lamptey, Mfantseman Local Area Focal person for Anti-Corruption, has called on the youth to be active, responsible, well-informed, patriotic citizens and to be bold to report incidents of corruption to the authorities.

Prof. Lamptey made the call during an engagement with students of Mankessim Catholic A and B School at Mankessim Township to commentate 2023, International Anti-Corruption Day.

The event was organised by Lamaconsult Foundation a non-governmental organization in partnership with Mfantseman Local Accountability Network (LANet) and sponsored by Good Governance Africa and Hewlett Foundation.

This year’s celebration was on the theme: “United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC); Uniting the World against Corruption,” which emphasised on the interconnectedness of Anti-corruption measures, peace and development and collective responsibility to combat corruption across sectors.

Among personalities at the event were Mr. Benjamin Koomson, Mfantseman LANet Secretary, Madam Sussie Odarkor, Anti-Corruption Focal Person, Mfantseman Municipal Assembly and Head Teachers of Mankessim Catholic A and B basic Schools.

According to Prof. Lamptey, the UNCAC is recognised as a pervasive issue that undermined democratic institutions, hampered economic progress, eroded the rule of law and diminished the quality of life for citizens globally.

He stated that Anti-Corruption efforts initiated by UNCAC was for state parties to promote the active participation of individuals and groups aside the public sector, to prevent and fighting corruption.

He said Ghana, recognising the debilitating effect of corruption on socio-economic development, had made significant strides in the fight against it by introducing and implementing laws to combat it.

He stated that Ghana still encountered some challenges despite its progress, saying since the adoption of the UNCAC in 2003, the country always joined the rest of the world to commemorate the Day annually in December to create awareness about the global impact of corruption.

He said the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC), with support from Good Governance Africa and Hewlett Foundation also educated and empowered Ghanaian youth across 33 districts on the significance of combating corruption.

The primary objective is to raise awareness among the youth about negative impact of corruption and to encourage their collective participation in anti-corruption endeavours.

Prof Lamptey further urged the participants and the entire youth, to keep a close eye on government activities and to keep government on track.

They must also know their rights, ask right questions at the right time, hold elected officials accountable and responsible for their actions, love Ghana and to reject all acts of violence and vigilantism and as they stood stand firm against corruption.

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