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Why Must You Marry/Date Someone Who Has A Relationship With God?

Marry And Date

Jane: Why must you marry/date someone who has a relationship with God?

Me: there are at least three reasons

1. Because of the definition of love

We lost God’s definition of everything in reality when we chose to deify ourselves by redefining reality apart from Him. We lived a lie from that day forward. But God came to reveal Himself, by revealing to us who we are apart from Him and who He is in spite of the lie we are living. The lie was fully revealed through the truth of God. It is this truth which brings to us God’s definition of love. Anyone who has accepted this truth has broken off from the lie to accept the truth of who he is apart from God. This is really why dating/marrying someone who knows God is important: they have broken off from the lie that we’re gods and have accepted the truth that there is a God, to whom we owe our definition and proper function.

2. Because of the knowledge of who they are

In my first point, I stated that by breaking off from the lie of self-deification, we come to accept that there’s a God. In this second point, I’ll continue from where I stopped. You see, when we accept who God is, we also accept what His definition of us is. The very knowledge of who we are is revealed to us as we continuously pursue the knowledge of Him. When we do that, all the lies we once lived by would gradually fall off in our pursuit of Him just as any lie about dating or marriage would.

3. Because of your shortcomings

Notice that in this final point I used, “your” instead of “their.” Why? Because God’s revelation of Himself came to us at a time when He should have ignored us completely. But He didn’t! He loved us. That’s exactly what would happen when you date/marry someone who has a relationship with God: they will love you most at the time you feel you don’t deserve their love. Why? Because they’ve also been loved that way!

Writer: Rex Krampa
Email: rexfordkrampa@gmail.com

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