Massive applause from PARTY FAITHFULS As ASABEEE Files his nomination

ASABEE Files his nomination
ASABEE Files his nomination

Stephen Kwadwo Asamoah Boateng (ASABEEE), aspiring national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) filed his nomination papers Wednesday afternoon amidst spontaneous and deafening cheers at the party’s headquarters at Asylum Down, Accra.

Wearing a white shirt and with an infectious smile on his face the former Information Minister submitted his documents to members of the national elections committee.

Addressing a press conference afterwards, Asabeee commended the National Elections Committee, current executives as well as members of the party including the President and government officials for overseeing to the activities of the NPP.

He noted that he was in the upcoming national chairmanship contest so that he could harness the potentials of all in the party, including the youth and women of the party so that collectively they could work to retain power beyond 2024.

He indicated his confidence in the delegates of the NPP to endorse his candidature in the July 15 to 17 national elections as Chairman.

“I want to thank every member of this party including the election committee members as well as current executives and government officials for the roles they have played in ensuring that we stay in power and work for the benefit of Ghanaians and as I have maintained I am running to work with constituency and polling station executives who form the basis of our grassroots so that together we can retain the NPP in power beyond 2024”, Asabeee stated.

The former SIGA Director General noted his excitement in the process leading up to the elections.

He stressed seeing the grassroot members everywhere he had visited gave him hope to do more to secure the mandate of the party delegates.

Asabeee said his focus everywhere he has gone had been to assure the party members that he would work with them in unity, define roles of party executives and also plan effectively with them on how to resource them to make their work efficient.

The agenda 40/60, he mentioned has resonated well with party members especially the delegates he has met and with them knowing that when they work hard they could be appointed to serve in government at high levels had brought some renewed confidence in party folks.

Asabeee intimated that God in his divine wisdom chose and still chooses people for special assignments.

He noted that his entry at this point in the life of the NPP was timely since he was fully baked to lead the NPP like a General at the War front.

The common hurdle, he stated was the 2024 General elections and the way the NPP could retain power despite the threat from the biggest opposition party.

“I am here and have arrived at a crucial point in the life of the party and with me leading as a war time general having expertise in government and in grassroot organisation of the party I believe we can work to retain power with a properly oiled campaign ahead of 2024 and beat the NDC in the elections”, the National Chairman aspirant posited.

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