McDan Foundation distributed GH¢1.2 million worth of Relief items

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In a generous display of empathy and support, McDan Group, a leading Ghanaian conglomerate, extended their helping hand to victims of the devastating floods in the Akosombo area. Through their philanthropic arm, the McDan Foundation, the company donated essential supplies to three affected communities: Ada, Central Tongu, and North Tongu.

The akosombo dam spillage in recent weeks resulted in severe flooding, leaving many families displaced and struggling to meet their basic needs. A collaborative effort was needed to assist those affected, and McDan Group stepped forward to provide significant support.

The McDan Foundation’s donation comprised an assortment of essential items purchased specifically to meet the immediate needs of the flood victims. Among the items were a wide range of drinks to quench thirst, clothing to relieve the victims from the loss of their possessions, mattresses to ensure comfortable sleep, and several polytanks filled with portable water to meet the critical need for safe drinking water.

The relief efforts were spread across the three communities, ensuring that each locality would benefit from the donation. Ada, a coastal town, witnessed significant damage due to the floods, with widespread displacement reported. Central Tongu and North Tongu, situated inland, also experienced significant flooding, affecting numerous households.

The Group Chairman Dr. Daniel McKorley, worked tirelessly to coordinate the distribution of the donated items. The team collaborated with local community leaders and NADMO to ensure the assistance reached those in the most critical need.

Residents of the flood-affected areas expressed their gratitude for the timely and much-needed support. Many families had lost their belongings to the floods and were struggling to rebuild their lives. The donation from McDan gave them a glimmer of hope during these difficult times.

In a statement, Mr. McKorley shared, “At McDan, we believe in giving back to communities. We are committed to supporting those affected by natural disasters and working towards their rehabilitation. Our hearts go out to the flood victims in Ada, Central Tongu, and North Tongu, and we hope that our contribution will provide some relief and assist in their recovery.”

“The McDan Foundation’s donation not only provided immediate relief but also highlighted the importance of corporate social responsibility during times of crisis. Their generosity serves as an inspiration for other individuals and organizations to join hands and support the affected communities in their journey towards recovery — Hon. Okodjato Ablakwa, Mp North Tongu

As the rebuilding process continues, it is essential for all stakeholders, including government bodies, non-profit organizations, and individuals, to work together to provide sustained support and aid to those affected by the floods. Together, we can bring hope and help rebuild the lives of the flood victims in Akosombo.
[22/10, 09:13] Frank: “McDan Foundation distributed GH 1.2 million worth of Relief items to 3 communities”

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