McDAN Has Silenced All The Cynics And The Critics: The Songor Salt Mine Saga

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lf Ghanaians will not, once and for all, “slaughter” and “bury” that monster called Partisan Politics , a nation born today will outdevelop us and we will never be able see the light of economic development at the end of the tunnel. Are we not aware that regardless of which political party a person owes their allegiance to, their ultimate positive exploits are all for the common good of their entire country? Why can’t we, for once, imitate the Republic of China so that no matter which direction your political affiliation scale tilts, as long you are a Ghanaian, any party government of Ghana must be there to support you?

There was a third group of persons who allowed political colours to really blindfold them, making them act selfishly unpatriotic, and wanting to break the bridge McDAN was passionately building for Ada’s economic uplifting. They are those l refer to as the Demonized Telltale-Politicians.

Their specialised area is to fabricate stories to dent hard-earned images, destroy reputable individuals, and damage laudable inklings that can massively transform the socioeconomic terrains of communities, societies and nations at large.

The president of Ghana’s description, at the colourful commissioning of the Songor Salt Mine and a Salt Processing Plant on 30th August, 2023, of Dr McKorley as being persevering and determined was not an understatement. Clearly, it was that kind of character that made him withstand all efforts to truncate his godly mission of bringing hope to Ada.
Serial demonstrations were organised to discourage and scare away potential investors; residents were assaulted by some miscreants posing as Electrochem’s hired men; on certain airwaves, we heard some of them lambast McDAN for ills he knew nothing about, et al, et al. As a matter of fact, those were calculated moves callously aimed at discrediting Dr. McKorley in order to raise ungodly crusaders who would help to crush the Songor project. Sad, indeed!

Sometimes, when l ponder over how certain people do not care to make the spirit, the soul and the body of their own people perish in the name of politics, l feel compelled to believe that politics has become an opium to a section of the people. Truth is, truth cannot be suppressed; truth cannot be oppressed; and truth cannot be repressed. All efforts by some traditional and political figures, and individuals donned in political colours froze in the face of truth. Certainly, they would be overawed by the picturesque scene of the commissioning and the expanse and quantum of work and investments made as at the time of the commissioning.

In fact, their restless souls would be more puzzled with the passionate request Dr McKorley made to the President of the Republic of Ghana for the good and development of Ada. It is a person with a sacred conscience and self-sacrificing love that would ask for such massive developmental projects for their community. He requested 2 roads be constructed between Bonikope and…., and another between Ada East and Ada West for easy access to the Tema Port for the export of Salt. He also ardently asked that Ada be provided with a jetty. Those are requests l believe the president will give a positive attention to.

Dr Daniel Nii Nshia McKorley further demonstrated his ardour and candour for excellent performance by personally awarding the first Ghanaian journalist to win the BBC’s Komla Dumor Award, Mr. Paa Kwesi Asare. McDan’s act of awarding the former is an evidence of his belief in maximisation of inputs, performances or work. For Ada will certainly come to a point where she will become a cynosure of economic development in Ghana and beyond with McDan at the helms of affairs.

McDan’s projecting and promising of building a Salt Refinery, Ada Sea Port, and a Chemical University was a gargantuan trump card that has sent all critics into perpetual silence. Those were no political promises. They are projects and promises from the heart of a genuine local investor.

It is Time to make Ada grow and glow. If you love Ada and Ghana, this is the time we need all hands on deck. Come on board with your fine ideas for the good of our people. For destructive criticism is unhealthy for an already impoverished community. Ada needs something better, and that is what Ada’s Chief for Development, Nene Kabu Koranteng l, is doing for Ada – bringing hope, livelihoods, jobs and socio-economic development to every household in Ada.

Lastly, to those who are doing everything to withhold good things coming for people of Ada, we say, “If you can’t beat them, it’s better you join the winning team”.

God bless the People of Ada


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