MCE engages transport operators in Hohoe over fares

Mr Daniel Noble Awume
Mr Daniel Noble Awume

Mr Daniel Noble Awume, Hohoe Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), has met driver unions, taxi operators and motor riders over transport fares within the Municipality.

He said the meeting was due to concerns raised by residents over fares which they deemed expensive compared to other areas.

Mr Awume addressing the representatives of the various operators said some residents also lamented that the recent 15.3 percent reduction in transport fares had not been fully implemented by the operators in the Municipality.

He said although the operations of motorbikes popularly known as okada was not legally approved, their services could not be overlooked but the high cost of accessing it was not encouraging.

Mr Awume noted that some concerns were also the high difference in fares to destinations which had same kilometres or less and urged the operators to submit approved fares among their unions to him.

He lamented about the disregard for traffic and road regulations especially the absence of helmets for passengers and non adherence to traffic lights indication.

Mr Awume admonished operators to always look presentable to create client confidence and in turn a good image of the Municipality.

He noted that issues regarding the state of roads would be addressed in the year since the completion of the Eastern Corridor Road was near sight.

The Motor Riders Association Vice Chairman, Mr Raphael Akortia, noted that a helmet for their passengers was not being encouraged because the passengers felt uncomfortable wearing helmets which they believed had been worn by different people.

He said some female passengers also considered their hairstyle, hence avoiding the helmet.
Mr Akortia said the cost of motor fares hinged on the distance and time of the day a passenger needed their services.

The driver unions; PROTOA, GPRTU and Global Millennium noted that the reduction or increment of lorry fares were always determined by their leaders adding that the 15.3 reduction was fully implemented.

They also raised concerns over the sanitation issues of the stations and appealed to the Assembly to help maintain a hygienic operating area.

Madam Edith Anuma, a representative of PROTOA, raised concerns over the use of pavements as selling points which hindered the free operations of the unions.

Mr Richard Amaglo, a rep of taxi drivers, raised concerns about personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service who played roles of MTTD officers which created discomfort for riders and their passengers.

He raised issues of lack of a taxi rank in the Municipality which one way or the other gave cause to rise of transport fares.

Mr Emmanuel Sowada, a motor rider, raised a concern about zebra crossings in the town which were invisible to the road users, resulting in accidents most of the time.

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